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How many gallons does the Rivertown Lake hold?


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Dude shut up you don't know. That pond has probably 3 gallons of water and like 900 some gallons of WINGS grease dry.gif

Would someone get Stella here 30 cc's of humor. It's called a friggin' joke. Who is going to know the answer to this stupid question? I think the funny part is that I had a feeling someone would actually take what I said seriously. Sorry, I should have put a disclaimer on it saying: Believe this, and you are certifiable.

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Stella does have humor! And I am sure everyone knew that was a joke. I saw right from the beginning it was a joke. I was going to post something sarcastic, but I thought about the golden rule, and if I attacked zoomzoom for his post, I would justify all the times he has attacked mine. But its obvious he just started this topic, and all those others, because The New Administration said no topics would be closed, and everybody could ask a question and not be made fun of. So I am not going to make fun! tongue.gif

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A Phoenix rises from its own ashes.

I have seen a bird sink from dying. It was in an open pit copper mine in Montana. A bird landed in the water that had filled up the pit, and after a minute, sank. Moral: dont drink tap water in Butte Montana!

Maybe the REAL BEAST is at the bottom of the pond!

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This topic should have been closed before the first reply was made! laugh.gif

But since we are asking questions we know the answers to, here's a couple more.

What does PKIU stand for?

How do you spell Bolliger & Mabillard?

Why does Cedar Point have more roller coasters than Stricker's Grove?

Why isn't thecopyczar a mod? rolleyes.gif

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