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Flight Of Fear Best Seat for most intense launch


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Oh man. I used to think the front seat on FoF was the best launch I have ever had. Then I rode front seat on TTD. Im not sure if the build up makes the launch better on TTD (the waiting, the rumble, the christmas tree lights...), but I love that launch now.

But I have found that I really like front row on FoF.

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I have never ridden TTD.... :blink:

As far as FOF, well I find any seat that my big ole rear end will fit in an intense ride....nothing makes a ride more intense as having to wait two hours and be crammed into a car with a full bladder...

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It may be a 1 trick pony but TTD is absolutely incredible!

As for FOF, I still can't really decide what seat I like best, but it's probably the back. I rode back there like 8 times in a row during Ride Warriors. I think we did something like 13 laps total.

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