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What ride would you not ride at Kings island.

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Would you ride Drop Tower with your hands up?

I notice you did not answer the good gentleman's question...

Rode Vortex last Friday, tried out 5-1, and it was the best ride I've got from it in a long time. I personally hope it's there for years to come.

I would pretty much go on anything at Kings Island if I could, if it were free and had no line. Now, start doing upcharges and build a line up to some point, and you'll eventually even have me saying "SCREW DIS!" to even The Beast at Night...though it's like a $20 upcharge and 5-hour line combined to make me say that. :P

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WindSeeker and Firehawk kind of freak me out. With WindSeeker I feel like there is nothing between me and the ground all those stories below my feet. With Firehawk, the few times I did ride it, I felt like I was slipping out. I like rides with a secondary harness system. I like my lap bar and my seat belt lol. I know it's probably a psychological thing, but hey, whatever makes me feel safe, right?

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Slingshot. Something about entering/exiting while attached to cables at maximum tension freaks me out, though someone could probably convince me to ride it with them anyway.

As for Cedar Point, I won't ride Mine Ride (no room for my knees) or Thunder Canyon (I can think of better ways to get drenched in Lake Erie water).

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..like what? Zephyr? Boo Blasters? Woodstock Express? Scrambler? Adventure Express?

EDIT: Curses! Everyone is beating me to the punch tonight!

Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Zephyr is the greatest ride ever. Just Saying.


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Slingshot. Boring as hell and not worth the money.

Here is my answer kitty rides! What's yours?

So like, rides involving cats or kittens or perhaps with a feline theme? Not sure if KI has any of those ;)

Holiday World's new teacups are kitty-themed. You won't ride those? :P

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WindSeeker sucks and I haven't been on it since I did it the first time. I also refuse to ride Drop Tower but somehow when I'm with friends, peer pressure makes me ride it. I'm not deathly afraid of it, I just hate the heights...yikes.

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