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I just had the sudden urge to go to Cedar Point.

^Someone didn't read the random discussion thread.

Need a vacation after your vacation?

I just took my first trip there this past June. I was blown away by their collection of coasters. I would say that my favorite ride there is Maverick. Followed by MF, TTD, and Gatekeeper respectively.

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Magnum and Skyhawk. Great rides that always deliver and often have short lines.

I adore MF but am burnt out on waiting for it. Same thing with Maverick and it has had so much down time past seasons it left a bad taste in my mouth.

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I remember their Chaos being very fun when I went there last. I am also quite partial to Raptor and Skyhawk.

If you didn't know, Chaos has been removed. A three point challenge is now in that location.

Raptor, Maverick and Magnum are interchangeable as my number one coaster in the park. Just depends what mood I am in.

As for flats: Dodgem.

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Maverick is awesome and Millennium Force is always fun too. I especially like the "new millennium" theming of the ride and I think the following ad explains the theme well: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gc-q6QQklEs

Where did you find that promo link? I remember watching that when Millennium Force was announced and it gave me the chills of excitement! Since I rode it back in 2000, Millennium Force has been my #1 favorite roller coaster!

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You can just search for it on Youtube. That's how I've watched it and other old ride promos before. Raptor's is so bad compared to what they're like today. Technology has come a long way in a short time. Even Millennium's is pretty bad compared to recent ones.

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Maverick 34

Corkscrew 21

Magnum 15/16

Gemini, Red Train, 32

Blue Streak, 11

Millie 23


Power Tower Drop, 11/12 or 3 through 6

Skyhawk, Tiques side

Witches Wheel (good memories, anywhere works)

Cedar Downs (Nostalgia, plus "racing" friends in the greatest way possible, go seabiscuit)

Super, prefer 11, inside seat, squishing girlfriend

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