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Favorite ride at Cedar Point.

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Magnum, Millennium Force, Blue Streak, and Gemini, in that order. Gatekeeper isn't one of my favorite coasters in any category, but it's the best B&M at Cedar Point by a landslide. As far as wing coasters go, it's just a smidge behind X-Flight and a significant jump ahead of Wild Eagle. (The more wing coasters I ride, the more I realize that Wild Eagle might as well have been a floorless or standard sit-down model. There's really nothing about that ride that makes good use of the trains, except for maybe the zero-G roll.)

Mean Streak's trying hard to be one of my favorites at CP. It's not as smooth as it was two years ago, but the trims were off as of last Saturday. The ride was much improved, and the laterals were actually almost strong in the front seat, at least until the MCBR (which was grabbing as unpleasantly strongly as usual.) There almost was airtime. If Rocky Mountain Construction's Topper Track is all it's cracked up to be, I think I've got a new pipe dream where the valleys of the ride receive topper track, but the layout would be unchanged. I think I could really enjoy a smoother back seat ride on MS.

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Looks like I'm one of the only people here who actually enjoys Mean Streak......But really... I like all the roller coasters at Cedar Point because they are all different and have a unique twist. That's one of the reasons why I like CP, I can get a completely different ride experience on every different ride and I don't feel like I'm on any rides that are similar at all.

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^^So far this season you consider Skyhawk to not have down time?

Were Millennium or Maverick closed for weeks at a time?

I don't think so. :)

Touche :)

Maverick was down for for 3 ERT's in a row (my trips that is) and I got sick of waiting in vein and it really hurt my passion for the ride.

Skyhawk has only ever been down on one of my trips, Coastermania 2013... and the Thurs. before. Luckily I got to enjoy that day with a good friend. Thanks J!

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The ONLY way I (and probably others) can read that particular font on a mobile phone is to hit the reply button and read it in plain text.

Please remember, these days the majority of readers are not on a PC with a big old monitor!

My appologies; I dont even know how it got like that. I'm not on a PC either; instead a gaming console.

What I said was: TTD, MF, & Jr. Gemini.

Are my semicolons used correctly Terp?

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I feel like I'm the first to say this but...




They are so close, it's hard to choose just one and not mention the runner-ups.

I love Mantis, and it pains me when everyone dogs on it; It's just so fun for me. I had the most re-rides on it, last I went, than any other coaster.

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I honestly can't think of many rides I've done at Cedar Point that I haven't like in some respect. The only one that comes to mind for not liking is Corkscrew, but only for the fact the trains are compact and bang up my elbows, its a fun ride to me none-the-less though. Even Mean Streak has some redeeming qualities to me. I consider Gemini and Iron Dragon vastly underrated rides. I have yet to do Gatekeeper so I'll reserve opinions on that until I've ridden it.

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