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Shoot The Rapids boat flips over with riders

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I thought Shoot the Rapids was made so it could run season long with being able to control the amount of splash and what not? Also if you look on the Fast Lane portion of the website the other water rides say not open until Memorial Day, they don't specify Shoot the Rapids waiting until then like the others.

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This is kind of none of my business but will drive me crazy til i know, this "youngstud" person....i've read how he loves INTAMINs, but....why was he banned?

He loved INTAMINs a little too much. I won't go any further than that.

Speaking of INTAMINs, why do we capitalize it like that? Does INTAMIN wish for us to do so? Is it because INTAMIN is a registered trademark? (Don't answer yes please :P)

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The trademark is stylized INTAMIN, but the company name is often written Intamin. Either would generally be acceptable.

It's not easy for anyone to earn a ban from this forum. People aren't banned for their opinions, even for very unpopular ones.

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When you constantly spam threads with the same diatribes over and over and over and.......it doesn't normally end well.

When you create multiple user names in order to spread said spam......it doesn't end well.

And other reasons from what I heard.

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