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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.

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Just about 10 minutes ago i was reading the topic when went to the next page and the site said i did not have permission to read and when i returned to the main menu, it was no longer listed.

Was i banned?

Is it because of the trespasser?

Did someone guess right?

Anybody know?



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Its getting a massive cleaning up by Mr. Ryan so its hidden ATM.

If you like countless posts of bickering and attacking eachother that are all unrelated to the topic at hand...

* it is too early to say "we" lost a great relationship. * "After this, because of this" is often not true. Just because B follows A does not mean A caused B. Yes, the trespass apparently occurred.

My first post...after lurking for years. I actually registered specifically to find out what happend to my daily soap opera decoding topic only to be beaten to the punch. Now my breaking my silence is extremely... disappointing.

The Gnarly Gnome - Feeling confused, sad, and wishing he still didn't exist?

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^Someone (unnamed) from the KIC community trespassed into the Kings Island Construction site. It is unfortunate that it happened and it may have caused this removal of the topic.

I sent Dane an email, but i doubt ill hear back from him. im sure this was intentional and hes probably busy right now. Whatever happens, i trust his judgement and we all should.

(in response to RWildman)

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I haven't been on for a hour and didn't realize it I checked in king island topic and can't find it anymore, Dane said when they migrate KIC He said the whole site will be down for about a hour untill he migrates it, it's more likely he deleted it or someone else on the moderator team.

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Does the DB thread still exist? I could never find it.

Now that I look back, I don't think it does... I must've been thinking of the construction thread (post announcement), now that I go looking for it again...


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They started the thread for users to start guessing and speculating what the new construction would be in the first place. The park was even involved in posting teasers regarding what it might be. It seems strange it was pulled down after the incident that Ryan talked about. Was it this that caused KIC to pull the thread? I have my opinions but I would rather not discuss them here.

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