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First ever trip to Kings Island

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My sister and I took our first ever trip to Kings Island this weekend. We arrived at about 4:00 on Friday and had our picture taken, after we did that we headed up to the top of the Eiffel Tower to take a look around and take some pictures.












After taking in the sights we headed back to Action Zone and rode Flight of Fear. I must say it was quite an interesting ride. Having rode only one other indoor roller coaster(Disaster Transport) I have to say I had no idea that you could have loops on an indoor ride.

After riding Flight of Fear we headed over to The Racer and rode the blue side. I liked this one quite a bit. In fact I think it's better than Gemini.(Only because I like wooden roller coasters slightly better than steel.)

After we hit The Racer we headed back to Rivertown to ride The Beast. While waiting in line I decided to take a few pictures.




I can see why people rate The Beast so highly. It's an intense ride that packs quite a punch. I loved it.

After riding The Beast we decided to check on the wait for Diamondback. Since it was 30 min we decided not to wait and headed over to The Reds Hall of Fame Grill for a late dinner. The food was very good. We had the fried pickle chips and my sister got the All American Hot Dog and I got the Buffalo Chicken Wrap.

After dinner we headed over to ride Vortex. While in line I snapped this picture.


Vortex was fun and intense. I told my sister that to me it seemed like they took Cedar Point's Corkscrew and mixed it with Geauga Lake's Double Loop and added a few more twists.

After Vortex we rode Back Lot Stunt Coaster. It was fun, but didn't seem all that thrilling to me.

After riding Stunt Coaster we headed back to The Beast for a night ride. We got in line and waited for our ride.(The wait was about an hour and a half.) After waiting about 20 or 30 min the fireworks started, so we didn't see many of them. After the fireworks ended the line started moving quickly like they were trying to pack as many people into the station as possible. After waiting some more we finally got our night ride. Oh my God it was great. I can see why so many people told me to ride it at night. You really can't see what's coming up next, and it seemed to me like the ride was running much faster than it was when we rode it during the day.

Part two with Saturday and Sunday coming in the next post.

Edited to add that we rode Adventure Express on Friday. It was a neat ride. I like it better than Cedar Creek Mine Ride as the trains are roomier and I don't have to stick my feet under the seat to fit.

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Saturday started off as a pretty crappy day. It was chilly and wet. We ended up arriving to the park at about 11 am. and getting our Fast Lane Plus passes.

After getting our passes we headed over to ride Invertigo. It was fun and a bit dizzying. After getting off we headed to the Festhaus to catch Rock 'N' Roll Never Forgets. It was a pretty good show and we thought the singers were pretty talented.








After that we hit a few more rides. We rode Flight Deck and then headed over to Flight of Fear. We rode Flight of Fear again and then decided to ride Firehawk. We ended up getting assigned to the front seat for our first ride.(That's not really where we wanted to be but we stuck with it.) I wasn't that crazy about it though, it scared the crap out of me.

After Firehawk we hit a few more rides in the area, and then head up to the front of the park. As we were passing by the Kings Island Theater we noticed that Ed Alonzo's show was going to be starting in about 30 min. Before getting in line for the show we stopped at Starbucks and got some coffee. We then headed back to catch the show. His show was really funny and I laughed harder than I thought I would.






We even waited around after the show and got our pictures taken with Ed.

Sis with Ed.


Me with Ed.


After that we headed back to the car to drop off our sweatshirts. After coming back in the park we started to head to Diamondback. While we were on our way back we saw the Peanuts characters were out, so we decided to get our pictures taken with them.








Part three up next.

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We rode Diamondback, which was great then we headed back over to the Festhaus to see the British Invasion show. It was good and the singers were pretty talented.






















After riding a bunch more we headed to the Eiffel Tower at about 9:30 to watch the fireworks. While we were up there I took a couple photos of the sunset.



Last few photos coming up soon.

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Glad everyone enjoyed the pictures and trip report.(This was my first time writing a trip report.) There was one thing I noticed while we were there. As you can see by my pictures, I wear glasses.(I don't usually take them off when going to an amusement park because I can't see without them.) But I noticed that when I got on the rides none of the ride hosts asked if I had a strap for my glasses.(Which I do.) I'm so used to the ride hosts asking when my sister and I go to Cedar Point that I found it strange that they didn't ask at Kings Island.

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Kings Island does not require a strap on any rides in the dry side of the park. I believe they are required on some water slides in Soak City, though.

That said, I still recommend a strap to anyone with glasses. I wear a strap at all times when in an amusement park.

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