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Banshee Construction Progress


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also really feeling it would be awesome since they're going with a cemetary theme, if they put a mosoleum/tunnel at the bottom of the pretzel loop... yes im calling it a pretzel loop, you want a batwing go see Vortex. :P and then play the Banshee scream in there so its not too annoying to people in the line and adds a cool effect for the riders. just a thought

Kings Island calls it a batwing. Therefore, a batwing it must be.

Be that as it may, there is still an undoubtedly small, but clear difference between our "batwing" and other batwings. Which is why I call it a pretzel knot regardless of what the official status is by KI.

The designer calls it a Batwing, therefore so does the park.

So it must also be capitalized?

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As described by most enthusiasts, a batwing contains a half corkscrew or twist, half loop, half loop, then another half corkscrew or twist. A pretzel loop does not include twists, imagine it as an upside-down loop.

Banshee's Batwing


the pretzel loop from Tatsu


The only other difference is the track is the inverse of normal in pretzel loops. (The track is designed to be inverted, but isn't at the bottom of the pretzel loop.)

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Banshee's Batwing from a different view.....

"Riders will see nothing but sky as they climb the Batwing element on the new Banshee roller coaster. The world's longest inverted roller makes its much-anticipated debut in April at Kings Island." - Kings Island's Facebook page


(Photo Courtesy of Kings Island)

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I still say it's a norwegian loop as its a dive loop into an immelman. lol Pretzel knot I can see as a factual description. B&M also calls Montu's a Batwing and there is a fairly clear difference between theirs and ours. Pretzel loop is just not the same.

Irrelevant though as the park is going to call it a batwing.

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Ooh they should put in a food cart that sells orange and black iced bat shaped sugar cookies and blue and red iced batwing shaped sugar cookies (cookies shaped like the wing of a bat, not like the roller coaster layout lol) I think that would be really awesome and I would totally buy them even if it was $5 a cookie lol

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