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Banshee Construction Progress


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I like buying shirts for the rides that I really like (Maverick Millenium Dragster Diamondback FoF Beast) so there for I can not buy a shirt for Banshee til I actually ride it.

Hopefully they have lower prices by then or at least a goldpass discount. We were looking at the Banshee shirts today over where its being built. Something like 16 to 18 for shirts, I personally like the 16 dollar ones better, the hoodies are around 35 dollars ( I like the grey with black print). We decided to wait to buy them but I know my wife would have bought at least 5 for Christmas presents if we had goldpass discounts there, I am going to buy that hoodie for Haunt! My wife and kids ate Banshee twists while I rode Delirium, I'm on a health kick right now so it was a good ride to avoid temptation. It did look pretty though!

Yeah I don't know why this post showed up so much later than when I wrote it. People were actually talking about the Banshee shirts when I wrote it. Also not sure why I can't change my pic to a picture of Mavericks first hill. Keeps saying file is to large. Maybe because I'm on my Mobil

There is a 100kb limit for profile images. Go into photoshop or Microsoft Paint (if your on a mac, I'm sure they have something built in) and crop the image smaller.

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The supports do seem to have a hint of indigo to them and the track has a hint of pink to its purple (magenta?)

These aren't normal base colors, so even from people with NO colorblindness, like myself, I wouldn't be surprised to see some debates of such a matter.. Even from men.

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