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Banshee Construction Progress


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For the past week I have been listening to Coasterradio.com and they had a interview with Don Helbig about Banshee and other things. Highly recommend it! To the interview, go to minute 20 of the podcast. http://blog.coasterradio.com/2014/03/coasterradiocom-818-magic-of-disneys.html

Very cool podcast. I also recommend.

Remember - it was you guys who "cracked" The Bat Code while decoding 2014.

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Thanks, that was an awesome podcast. I also went to their Youtube channel and watch the video of the same interview with Don Helbig and you can see the construction work going on in the AZ circle in the background.....Good stuff.

On another note: Is anyone else as surprised as I am about the pic of the worker painting The Bat with a roller?!! Even though seeing is believing...im still having a hard time believing that 2000+ feet of track was all painted that way. Talk about job security.....haha. It does look nice though with that nice new bright orange color.

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Looking at the webcam....I spy with my little eye.....under the first dive loop on Banshee...could it be....could it be?....theming??? (or some kind of structure being built)...looks like two or more white columns right about where the King Cobra checkpoint used to be....plus a lot of plastic sheet waving in the breeze...Graveyard?....Lockers?...or what?

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^^ I'm thinking you are probably right about that. Perfect location for the three rides in the vicinity.

Edit: although those columns are pretty high. The protective fence around the dive hill drop is 8 or ten feet high, making the columns about 16 feet high (estimated)

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Oh gosh1 Why on earth do people do that. I swear.

I understand where the park is coming from and I do agree that no one should be on park property at any time when the park is closed, We can all wait to see the ride running up close in April.

Small story though, on the same note. This site (KIC) asked me in 2007 to go to the parking lot and take photos of Firehawk track arriving in the parking lot. So even I and this site are guilty in that sense.


Good news is if any of you happen to own a small plane you can take as many photos or videos from the air during testing! #throwback :D

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I wonder if the light fixtures will actually light up at night. It'd seem like a waste if they don't. They could even make them flicker on and off at random times to add to the mystique and suspense of the ride ahead.

I would think that if people add lighting fixtures, they will light up.

It's interesting to see how this thing comes about, from dirt to a mammoth machine of thrills. I would think that by April we will see the grass and the various tombstones around the attraction. I would not think we will see something like the Haunted Mansion queue, nor do I even want it. (See Space Mountain's queue), rather, a walk through a graveyard, or some sort of remnant of a past attraction(s) would be a good idea to use.

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I'm as anxious as everyone else..

But due to my situation, and many others may have the same feeling, it'd be nice for the time not to fly by TOO fast!

I wonder if the ride ops will be costumed as priests, fathers, sermons, nuns, etc.

Probably not. Would be kinda funny though!

How does one dress up as a sermon?

Diamondback96, who (also) likes to ask questions.

I may have made a mistake..

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