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Banshee Construction Progress


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From Kings Island's Facebook Page:

Banshee is not the only new attraction that our guests will be excited about this year. Be sure to check back tomorrow at 4:00pm for an announcement on something else that’s new this year that will appeal to guests of all ages!


Could it possibly be? Perhaps it's true after all...

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It said "something" that would appeal to all ages. Not necessarily a ride.

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But it is billed as a "new" attraction, so it won't be a DA expansion or renamed Flight Deck/Bat or anything we already know about. So whatever it is, it will be new.

-Homestar92, off to spam URLs and hope to find something.

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Notes for what I've been seeing at the Banshee/Action Zone site today..watching the feed from DavidW's website

1. Circle getting alot of attention, lots of people working over there

2. Looked like digging or something going on around the carousel footer, not sure, at one point something looked spherical (came in like a wrecking ball maybe), but can't confirm, not enough pixels :P

3. Lot of vehicles (trucks) moving in and out. Not a normal, ok shift is over or lunch break, I mean there was a constant stream of traffic for a few hours going around the circle and whatnot. Not too sure if they had supplies, etc. but there was movement.

4. There is something green in the middle of the dive loop near where I guess the entrance of the ride will be, not sure what that's about

5. Boxes, stones, etc. placed outside of the Action Zone circle to the left as viewed, not sure what that's about

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Somewhat cross threading..But now that we have a completed coaster, and very soon that control panel will have both dispatch buttons pressed, the video seemed fitting..but watch the vid..Just think a few months ago many of us stood on some concrete that's no longer there against a fence and a blank bit of ground behind it to watch this video for the very first time..I even got chills like I did during the video, way way exciting..

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