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Banshee Construction Progress


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^ I believe that rattling that you hear, is the Anti-rollback device hitting the other metal part of the coaster that keeps them in place. It's nothing too bad. That is EXACTLY what you hear on Diamondback, is just the Anti-roll back clicking it's way back down.

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No it doesn't. I think B&M's just get rough over time, pretty quickly due to the expanding and despanding of the track, and plus the rails being used about a Million times a year.

I think Apollo's Chariot, Griffon, Montu, Raptor, Wildfire, and Dominator are all smoother than Diamondback. These coasters are also a lot older than Diamondback. The problem with Diamondback, I think, is with how the park maintains it.

I think the two rattling areas on Diamondback are the only topics YoungStud and I actually agreed on.

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