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Banshee Construction Progress


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I can't remember if this had been made official yet, but Kings Island just stated on their Facebook page that there will not be sand quieting Banshee as she flies through her course. It's in the comments on this photo.


Also, for entertainment purposes, there are some pretty good comments in there.

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On a related note. As we boarded Adventure Express yesterday, King Cobras footers were being removed.

Photos, or it isn't true. :P

It's getting old please stop.

Excuse you!

What's getting old? I only made one post in response to the footers being removed, and even used a smiley to show that I was kidding around.

Don't tell me to stop.

I will go all Madea on you if it happens again.



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For me, B&M's have very few points against Intamin. BUT THE ROAR! When I walk past Mantis and hear that ear deafening scream that ride makes at only 60 MPH and across the Midway Millennium Force has that fwish at 93 MPH if you try to listen. Really hope Banshee has a Mantis-like roar appropriate for the ride. Diamondback was quite the let down in the roar category.

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