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In Memory of the Great Flame War Of Decoding

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I figured I'd post a topic with some ideas regarding the great battle that took place yesterday. Keyboards went flying on both ends and many caps locks were pressed, and both sides lost nothing.<br /> <br />However in light of the recent trajedy I figured this would be a good time to post some ideas to maybe enlighten people, so the fascist Intamin fanboys could keep peace with the far east Bolliger & Mabillards, so the keyboard nation won't lose their beloved caps locks to the rage quitters again.<br /><br />All comedy aside now, yesterday was ridiculous. This post can be used for those old and new today, and in the future. So I have a bit of reference material and ground rules to possibly help prevent rage quitting by all in the future.<br /><br />1. This is an online free forum, as long as the TOS are followed, people can post anything and everything they want, again, as a reminder ANYONE can post ANYTHING.<br /><br />2. New members are typically ignorant, arrogant, and almost come in with a lack of anything, especially the free publicity the site has been given as of late and with the announcement of a new coaster underway, it happens to every coaster enthusiast site everytime (see pointbuzz prior to Gatekeeper)<br /><br />3. New members are often on the onslaught of attack by more senior members, but younger ones accused of flaming/trolling. This does go both ways, as looking through the decoding thread, there were several people attacking the new individual with their beliefs and ideas. I for one am a huge arrow fanboy, I could go all day against B&M & Intamin, ect. I however will eventually get shot down and considered the same as the new user, but again, the trolling and flaming is a double edged sword that strikes both sides down<br /><br />4. A member can repeat their post or ideas as much as they want (again, relating to me being an arrow fanboy). There is nothing that they are violating or doing wrong. Yes they not truly be contributing, but you can't harp on them or be angry at them for doing such, it's their choice to post what they'd like, just like their entitlement to hold an opinion, again refer to topic 1.<br /><br />5. The accusations by more senior members here is quite pathetic. Unless you specifically can view the e-mail, IP addresses, or other credentials to verify it is the same person, this is pretty childish to do, and also aids to the flame war's beginning.<br /><br />6. People need to stop being so attached and angry over this forum. It's a FREE and online FORUM (please look up the definition) available to the PUBLIC, notice important information has been labeled in all caps. If you're getting upset because there is an Intamin Fanboy that just seems to be ignorant, or people like me that don't take crap from people, either hit ignore, just ignore over the post, or just relax. There are alot more important things to be worried about than rage quitting on a FREE PUBLIC FORUM.<br /><br />7. For this post to be effective, please forward to new and incoming members, refer back to this when needed, and please read information from start to finish to effectively retain all entailed.<br /><br />8. BLUF Everybody love everybody...right meow<br /><br />V/R<br /><br />Me

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Are you new to the internet?

This stuff has been happening on Message Boards for as long as they have been around. Including threads like yours asking everyone to just ignore what annoys them and to please get along. It doesn't work.

Some members just learn to deal with it, while others leave. Of course some that leave try and start their own Community (I have seen several new ones pop up on FB lately) which rarely ever works.

There will always be "Trolls" and they will always have people that ignore them or feed them. That said, there will also always be people that enjoy the ramblings and chaos a troll brings with them and encourage people to just accept them.

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People will certainly be people- no doubt about that.

And when someone's only contribution is stirring the pot just for the sake of stirring the pot- I'm gonna call them out on it till they either contribute constructively or simply go away.

KIC has grown over the (almost) 10 past years to be a close-nit community. I am proud to have been part of it for almost that entire time.

I have had disagreements with many members. While we have disagreed, we still respect each other.

Trolls do not show respect. Instead of helping, they will criticize a person's weight or what they wear. There are no good reasons for such things.

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This is the first forum I have been apart of since I was "kicked off" a mil spouse one. Want to see butt hurt people screaming none sense go hunt down one of the millions of mil spouse forums. Whhooo. I was kicked for making post very similar to this OP. I have came here and basically kept my mouth shut but I couldn't help but laugh a bit regarding this post all things considered. Have a lovely day!

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Right when the announcement is made, I want that thread locked, never to have a post again.

"Let there be Donkeys!"

In all honesty I think I should post my reflections on this topic.

The topic, for the good, made both good and bad for many here. We had laughs, but we did lose a few good posters. All was not lost though, with many returning. The topic was the black mark on the site, but all will change in the latter. The old growth, scortched, but not burnt dead, still will thrive with new growth still in full growth. BB1, a writer at heart.

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