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9 Rides You Hated to See Leave Kings Island

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I just love #3: The Kenton Cove Sailboat Canal, which according to the article was removed to make room for The Beast, and features a picture of the old canoe ride. :wacko:

I must admit, I have no recollection of the Sailboat Canal. I clearly remember Kenton Cove Keelboat Canal, which was in no way, shape or form removed to make room for The Beast. Unless you call TR:TR a beast...

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Winsome Witches Cauldrons Always thought it was cool how the cat popped out of the tree in the center of the ride.

Antique Cars, the Spinning Kegs, and, most of all the Flying Eagles. Still salty everytime I walk past the 3 point shoot.

1. Wild Animal Habitat Monorail 2. Phantom Theater 3. Racer Backwards 4.Tomb Raider 5. Smurfs Enchanted Voyage 6. King Cobra 7. Flying Eagles 8. Spongebob 3D 9. Kenton Coves Keelboat Canal I

1) the tumble bug ( I never rode it but would have loved Ki to keep it).

2) Phantom Theatre

3) kentons keel boats canal (big log flume)

4) tomb raider the ride

5) SOB rip Banshee is a good replacement

6) Flight Commander

7) the ride forget the name in coney mall next to The Racers was awesome! (flat ride).

8) the flying eagles

9) TV story voyage: (hanna barbera or even the smurfs).

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In no particular order.

1. Antique Cars

2. Flying Eagles


4. Hannah-Barbera

5. Skylab

6. King Cobra

7. Phantom Theater

8. the better movies in Action Theater (DoT, 007, 7th Portal), back when the seats actually moved

9. Tomb Raider's original ride program and theming

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Kenton's Cove Sailboat Canal.

That is just AWESOME! :lol:

1. The Bat


3. 'Tiques

4. Flight Commander

5. Enchanted Voyage (either one)

6. Phantom Theatre

7. Zodiac

8. KC

9. The park pre-Paramount

The biggest for me has to be Lion Country Safari.

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