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9 Rides You Hated to See Leave Kings Island

XGatorHead 8904

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1. KCKC - i hated coasters when i was little but always loved water rides, and this one was the best.

2. Son of Beast - i never rode it and i regret it.

3. King Cobra - Looked like a pretty fun ride but was taken down before i liked coasters.

4. Antique cars - that ride was a classic and i don't think taking it out for BLSC was worth it.

5. TR:TR - I rode The Crypt many times and enjoyed it a lot but it was too simple, the original theming and ride cycle would've made the ride way better.

6. Phantom Theater - as much as the ride scared me as a little kid, i loved it.

7. Scooby's Ghoster Coaster - Twas but a classic

8. Action Theater - They nee to make the seats move again, Spongebob 4d was awesome

9. Flying Eagles - Looked like a blast but never rode it

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I'm glad someone mentioned SpongeBob 3D.....I'm not a big fan of SpongeBob but the 3D movie was actually pretty good!

Also hated to see the old SOB fall down....But at least now we have much greater things in store for Action Zone! And a more reliable record breaker in the old record breaker's spot.

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1. Wild Animal Habitat Monorail

2. Phantom Theater

3. Racer Backwards

4.Tomb Raider

5. Smurfs Enchanted Voyage

6. King Cobra

7. Flying Eagles

8. Spongebob 3D

9. Kenton Coves Keelboat Canal

I will have to add, and they aren't rides, The Elephant Fountain, The Hanna-Barbera Interactive Fountain with the water guns, the big hedge canopy between HB Land and Rivertown, I miss too.

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It wasn't rough. It was unique for its day. And want to see why? Go ride SkyRider. Don't make the mistake of thinking Shockwave at Kings Dominion rides like King Cobra did. Shockwave is rougher, slower and less fun.

You also got a great view of the campground from the top of the hill.

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In no particular order

1. King Cobra

2. Kenton Cove Keelboat Canal

3. Smurf's Enchanted Voyage

4. Flight Commander

5. Son of Beast

6. Flying Eagles

7. Racer Backwards

8. Skylab

9. Tomb Raider Der Spinning Keggers

(I was alive for The Bat but too young to remember and never road it otherwise I'm sure it'd make my list.)

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1) King Cobra, never got to ride it but I remember being little and always wanting to ride. I was about 4 when it was removed, but never the less I was sad to never get the chance to ride it.

2) Tomb Raider: The Ride (original programing). I wasn't super upset when the Crypt version was removed as it wasn't super special, but I wasn't the happiest when it went from it's original programming (as TR:TR) to it's last programming (The Crypt).

3) Backwards Racer, always special to me to take a ride during P&G day (before I started getting passes) on The Racer backwards. Nothing like it. Would love for it to come back.

I can't think of any other rides that were removed that really upset me. Neutral on the removal of the Antique Cars, as I think Backlot is fun (although not fun enough to wait 20+ minutes for it).

Edit: Was also neutral on the removal of SOB because although I personally loved it, I could see that our options were either remove it and get a new ride (Banshee!) or leave it standing and closed. I'd rather have something I can actually ride.

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The most devistating loss to KI was by far the Antique Cars/Flying Skooters removal for IJST.

The most picturesque section of the park was compromised for a ride featuring rusty cargo containers as it's theming element. It was, is, and will be an absolutely eyesore that destroyed the esthetics of the park.

I pray that Cedar Fair removes the coaster and restores the area to what it should still be... beautiful.

What a monumental mis-step by those (then) in charge of "improving" the park.

Bad, bad, bad.

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1.Son of Beast(Darn I should have gone back to the park a little earlier than 2011 and it was operating with the loop that day in 2005 :( )

2.King Cobra(Too young always fascinated me.)

3.Flying Eagle's(Should have ridden it.)

4.Antique Cars(Me and my dad where angry about them removing it.)

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In his defense, I will say this, we all knew SOB was rough, and always was. DB was at many times smooth, and very tolerable. Recently it has been rough, and I will agree with him. Ride any train all you will feel the vibration, especially brown

I don't think DB is rough at all, and have never experienced a rough ride. Must just be a guy thing... lol

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