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Banshee: World's Longest Inverted Coaster


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Last night on August 8, 2013 at 10:00 pm... Kings Island unveiled plans for their biggest investment ever, Banshee; the 4,124.1 foot, 68 mph inverted scream machine. If you would like to share any news, facts, opinions, etc. about the ride... this is the place to be!


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Anyone else notice how on the vist Kings Island mobile site, it still says bat instead of Banshee? After you click on it, it changes to Banshee, hmmm

It's not doing that for me

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Well, I am totally pumped for Banshee; bring on 2014! :D While walking through the park yesterday, I was picturing how the ride would look from different places in the park (such as the Parking lot, I-Street and Coney)

EDIT: I also really like the Banshee's screech; it reminds me of Rodan's screech from the Godzilla movies!

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has anyone noticed in the renderings and videos that there is a lack of Adventure Express? they put the effort in to put in top gun, Delirium, WindSeeker, outer limits....i hope they were just being lazy...

I'm assuming it was just laziness- there is no real good reason to remove Adventure Express ATM. It isn't in Banshee's way at all, is only 22 years old which for a Mine Train is still young (there are Mine Trains from the 1960's still going very strong today), and is still popular with nearly a million riders every year. It has very high capacity (rarely will you wait more than 20 minutes at most!), and is reliable. And there's a large fanbase that would go bonkers on Kings Island if it were removed in 2014. Hopefully, Kings Island isn't dumb enough to remove this popular ride. :wacko:

Now Sling Shot is also not in the rendering video, though its removal would make more sense- it's over 10 years old, is an upcharge, and has fewer total rides given than any other ride in the park. I can see it going, leaving only 3 upcharge attractions- Dinosaurs Alive!, Dinosaurs Alive! 3D, and Xtreme Skyflyer- in the park.

My theory is they didn't render everything because they wanted the video's frame rate to stay smooth (this animation was done on PC's), so they just rendered a bunch of the most popular rides that would be clearly visible in the video and left everything else- including AE- out...

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Also quite possible. It did cost them money to make the render video too. And hey, if they can save a few bucks by not rendering a ride that is hidden deep in the woods and is mostly out-of-sight to most park guests anyway...(The only place from within the park you can even see AE well from off-ride is the Blue Racer exit and it's q-line anyway)

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