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Banshee Queue Music

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"Phantom Theater" music.

I seem to be in the minority here, but what many of you say is somewhat hypocritical. So many of you want theming out the wazoo, but what does it stand for without the appropriate music selection? Ima

...and an Opera. I never said I believed Mr. Lindner. Quite the opposite, actually. Phantom of the Opera was hugely popular back then. Raiders of the Lost Ark was hugely popular back then. T

I was actually thinking about this today. Since Banshee is a darkly (as in spooky) themed female ride, I think it'd be appropriate to mostly play music from hard rock bands with female lead singers such as Evanescence, Flyleaf, We are The Fallen, and Halestorm (there are probably more hard rock bands with female lead singers, but the four I mentioned are all I can think of at the moment). Specifically, the following are a list of songs that I think would be cool in Banshee's queue line:

Sweet Sacrifice- Evanescence

My Last Breath- Evanescence

Haunted- Evanscence

I get wicked- Thousand Foot Krutch

Falls Apart- Thousand Foot Krutch

I’m so sick- Flyleaf

Red Sam- Flyleaf

St. John- We are the Fallen

Tear the whole world down- We are the Fallen

Through Hell- We Are the Fallen

Salvation- Skillet

Not Gonna Die (plus the cool intro -for those who have listened to Rise, you know what I'm talking about...)- Skillet

Comatose- Skillet

Falling inside the Black- Skillet

Not Strong Enough- Apocalyptica

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Some orchestral pieces, a few movie pieces, but all worthy of mention.

Danse Macabre by Saint Saens

Night on Bald Mountain- Mussorgsky

In the Hall of the Mountain King- Edvard Grieg

Theme from Halloween- John Carpenter

Theme from Exorcist- Steve Boeddeker

Ghostbusters- Ray Parker Jr.

Thriller- Michael Jackson

Theme from Jaws- John Williams

Theme from '89 Batman- Danny Elfman

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I think instrumental tracks would be great. Maybe some with some choir voices singing in epic Latin chants. It would be cool if it was original music and not just a selection of pop/rock songs that are already well known. I think originality would add a nice element to Banshee.

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