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KI Eiffel Tower

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I dunno, considering it hasn't changed much since I started going to Kings Island, I've grown rather fond of its current faded blue. If I had to imagine another color, its original green or perhaps a rustic brown like the actual Eiffel Tower might look good. I can't imagine it being anything bright like red or orange.

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The Eiffel Tower at KI is actually green. In the 1970's Sherwin Williams became a sponsor for the park, and the tower was painted it's own hue called "Eiffel Tower Green."

It has maintained that color since. However when the paint chalks, or fades, it takes on a blue/grey tone.

Under Paramount ownership, the park contemplated the idea of painting the tower a bronze color to match the Paris version. The cost of a complete color alteration prooved to hefty for the budget and thus it remained "Eiffel Tower Green."



P.S. Pay attention to the shot of Scooby in the ad. He's driving the original hand-brakes on the Scooby Doo coaster.

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