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No, I don't think she NEEDS a Fastlane ticket, if she has 75-90 bucks to spare then go right ahead, but here is my guide to Cedar Point for help.

Here is what I have to say.
Basically follow everything these guys have to say.

From what I observed rides that don't have super long lines:

Wicked Twister: It usually a walk on, so if you passing by to Gatekeeper or something just take a peak at what the lines are like, I really like it, and I think it could help get you ready for the Dragster, but don't like ride this first cause I said that, I would still try and hit the big three first. Get the ones your nervous about out of the way so you don't have them looming over you all day.

Gemini: Gemini is a must ride in my opinion, personally, though many will disagree, Gemini is one of, if not the best ride in the park.
It ties Maverick for best ride in the park for me. It is normally a walk on. And it is a ride you can marathon if it is like normal.

Mean Streak: I'm not sure about this but I feel like Mean Streak has rather short lines most of the time.

Cedar Creek Mine Ride: If you enjoy Arrow Mine Trains, which judging by your profile photo you do, this might be worth checking out it is a pretty nice ride and not normally a long line.

Shoot the Rapids: The line can get long on hot days but it is an awesome ride to cool off on.
(People Dryers don't work)

Blue Streak: Fun ride, very shaky though.

As for the big ones you should check them all out.

‚ÄčMillennium Force: The amusement todays best roller coaster in the world, that automatically should get you on it, but in my opinion is a little over rated, but it certainly is great ride and is defiantly worth riding. It can be intimidating, but deep down, as with every roller coaster (with some exceptions cough sonny) you know you are absolutely safe, and you know you'll love once on it, so push your self. You should probably ride this first IMO, enter through the marina entrance and just hop on, should be a some what short line if you do so. And as I have previously stated just do it, if you do it and the Dragster you can handle, everything else.

Top Thrill Dragster: It's Fast, Tall and steep, that might be all what you hate but I promise you, you will love it. Standing there in line you can read signs that brag about how much Cedar Fair spent on the ride and how impressive it is(like North Korean Propaganda). But more importantly this an AWESOME ride and you can't miss it, unless it is down the entire three your there, sorry went off cause that is what happened the first time I went to Cedar Point, but coming back I rode it. I'm not going to lie it is pretty scary to sit there and wait for the launch but just "Keep you arms down, head back, and hold on", and then watch the lights so you know when it going to happen.

Maverick: This is probably the best ride in the park. I really don't have anything else to say about it, other than to warn you ( you probably already know) when it enters the launch tunnel, it launches. It is just an all around great ride.

Magnum: I personally wouldn't wait more than ten minutes for the ride, but you this being your first time, should probably hit it up and decide on your own what you think about it. I would follow all of the advise everyone else has given you, and you probably shouldn't sit in the back if you don't like having the crap beaten out of you. I'm not trying to scare you off (well maybe a little), you should ride, and see what you think about it.

Gatekeeper: Cedar Point's newest attraction, very fun. I would suggest the left side over the right side (ridden both). From what I observed the lines are reasonably shorter in the evening. Everyone rushes to it after rope drop for some reason. It isn't super intense or anything but it does have some lovely elements that may catch you off guard. Really suggest trying to get to it at some point(not pun intended) in your day.

Mantis: Never actually rode it, it doesn't seem like my kind of ride, but you might like it.

Raptor: Fun ride, long lines. Me, personally, I'm not a huge fan of Inverts, but this a ride worth checking out lot of positive Gs if you like that, lots of inversions, and GREEN. So you should probably check it out later in the day if you don't want to waste your time wait in a huge line.

Some other things to hit up.

Cedar Downs: I personally love "the racing horses" they are quite fun and don't usually have a line. If you got some spare time it is worth checking out.

Antique Cars, Cadillac Cars, Turnpike Cars: They are all pretty fun and relaxing and can some great views of certain rides.

The Big Wheel: I've never been to Cedar Point with out a ride on the big wheel. It is relaxing and you can some great views and it is really just fun.

The All Wheels Extreme Sports Show: The all wheel extreme show might be worth checking out, it is pretty cool.

Skyhawk: I have always want to try Skyhawk, but I've never been able to catch it open, so if you see it running please ride it, for me.

MaxAir: MaxAirs is pretty much like Delirium but spins a lot more.

I think that is about it.

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Wait until you get to the park before buying Fast Lane. You never know what the crowds will be like, but I'm guessing that Maverick will have 1-1 1/2 hour wait, Millennium 45 min-1 hour, Dragster around 30-45 minutes...I don't consider these to be long lines but if you want to get on each ride multiple times and get on many of the park's rides, then maybe consider Fast Lane. They're sold at various locations throughout the park, just look for the bright signs advertising for them. Here are some suggestions.

Arrive at the park 1/2 hour early just to be on the safe side. Here's the order of rides I'd suggest going on.

1. Maverick: It's at the back of the park, so many people (except coaster enthusiasts) won't come back here right away so it will probably have its shortest line of the day. It's a fun ride with lots of twists, turns, and airtime. It's my 3rd favorite coaster at the park. And many people find headbanging to be an issue on this ride, but hold onto the restrain about shoulder level, push your head back against the headrest at all times, and lean into the turns. This should help. The 1st drop is awesome (My favorite seat is the back row, you should ride it there--great airtime.)

2. Since you're in the back, if you feel like it then ride Mean Streak. I personally don't like it since it's very rough.

3. Work your way up to the front of the park by riding Gemini (it's a little rough but it's fun to race each other).

4. Next stop is Magnum. This is a great, classic coaster. It has amazing ejector airtime, and despite being a little jerky, I still love this ride and it usually doesn't have a long line.

5. Again, if you feel like it, ride Corkscrew but I usually skip over this one. It's very short, and I find it very rough.

6. Now it's time to ride Dragster. It's an adrenaline rush that might have you anxious and nervous at first, but as soon as you get off you'll want to get right back in line it's so much fun.

7. I'd personally skip Mantis since I hate that ride, it's my least favorite at the park. It hurts my legs and it makes me nauseated.

8. Now it's time for the #1 coaster at the park, Millennium Force. Don't miss out on this ride, it's very fast and thrilling. I prefer the front seat but sometimes this row could have a decently longer line. Don't forget to put your hands up!

9. Heading back toward the front of the park, I'd next go to Wicked Twister. It's an underrated coaster but it's very fun and packs an unexpected punch. It's more intense than it looks.

10. Then go next door to Gatekeeper. Hopefully by now it should hardly have any wait. My favorite seat is the back left, but if you go on it multiple times, also ride the front right. Some people have issues with the restraints such as collarbone pain, but if you hold the vest about 1-2 inches away from your body about shoulder level before the train leaves the station and hold on like this for the entire ride, you should be good. I love this ride so much it's my 2nd favorite at the park.

11. By now Raptor should also have a fairly short line. It's intense, slightly disorienting, but fun.

12. Be sure to ride Blue Streak, too. It's small, but I love all the airtime. It's a fun classic coaster.

Iron Dragon and Cedar Creek Mine Ride are fun little rides, so go on them if you have time. Other fun rides to do (time permitting) are the Cedar Downs Racing Derby, Giant Wheel, Antique Cars, WindSeeker (great view), and Power Tower (I prefer the drop side). As mentioned in another post, currently SkyHawk and Shoot the Rapids are closed.

Lastly, if you're able to I'd go on Millennium again at night. It's a completely different experience but I love it (just beware of bugs :) )

Have an awesome time!

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Yall forgot some good rides

Corkscrew: red train car two row one, don't staple the restraint, prop your feet on the front of the car and lay your hands on the front the whole ride, loads of fun.

Power tower drop: facing the bay or inside towers watching the other side shoot up or drop down. Arms and legs all the way out for the drop

Riding shot: look straight up don't hold onto anything, I pull a superman

Cedar rapids, just do it

Magnum, ejector seat

Mantis, car one far left seat

Blue streak, front row

Maverick, last row or front row only

Millie, car one row two bay side

Gatekeeper back left outside

WindSeeker at night if there is either a full moon or preferrably a new moon, not spoiling it's neat secret on how that interacts with the lake

Do all wheels extreme

Ride a real coal burning train

Smell said coal burning train

Eat cheese on a stick, macho nachos, and fresh cut fries or chippery by Gemini and monster

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