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Taming Diamondback, and The Beast, on AIR!

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It's great to see riders that genuinely love the coasters, and not act too cool as I often see on YouTube.

I thought the interview was great. You voiced a lot of our feelings about the rides.

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Awesome job, Shaggy! Interesting piece, and your comments were great. It was nice to see a piece featuring coaster enthusiasts that didn't involve said enthusiast spouting endless facts about the ride a la Travel Channel.

I have to admit that the slightly awkward newscaster banter at the end of each video made me chuckle, though.

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As Terpy said... Pshaw!

I can assure you that my sentiments are my own, are always honest (to a fault and sometimes brutally so) direct and heartfelt.

I always say what I mean, and mean what I say. I pride myself on being a man of my word.

Oh... and my advance speculating continues. Would you like me to share what I forsee as an obvious forthcoming change to KI property?

Naaaah, lets let 2014 things simmer a bit for before I drop that on you ;-) No need to shake things up just yet. LOL!

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At the end of the report, the anchor says Candice will ride a rollercoaster but she won't try a coolickle....based on this recipe, would you try one?

"Kool-Aid Pickles

1 46 oz jar of dill pickles
1 cup sugar
2 cups water
2 packets of cherry Kool Aid
Drain and discard the pickle juice. Slice pickles in half lengthwise. Return pickles to jar and set aside. Mix the Kool Aid and add to jar until pickles are covered. Let soak in refrigerator at least 24 hours – the longer the better. I like to use the giant jugs of pickles and I double the amount of Kool Aid. For Halloween I will be making orange koolickles."


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Great job Shaggy; you rock! :D

At the end of the report, the anchor says Candice will ride a rollercoaster but she won't try a coolickle....based on this recipe, would you try one?

And about the trying the "coolickle", probably not. I'm not a fan of pickles.

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I think the coolickle sounds disgusting.....blah....

The only good part of a jar of pickles is something I learned in college....after a night of drinking, drink a couple of drinks of the pickle juice and it will replenish the salts in your body and prevent a hangover....yay...or better yet...don't drink all night and you won't have the hangover to begin with! :)

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On Tuesday I had the distinct honor and great pleasure of being filmed at KI for a news segments that aired today in Louisville. I can't tell you how excited I was to be asked to be the "enthusiast" perspective for these pieces. Many thanks to Don and KI for thinking of me!!!

Its been about 12 years since I was last filmed riding a coaster and thechnology has completely changed. No longer are there huge camera mounts to worry about... or downtime while footage is monitored between takes. Not there's simply small little digital cams that suction cup to the trains. One take... simple and easy!

The news reporter, Keith Kaiser is to be thanked as well, since he made a difficult task for me (being interviewed on camera - always daunting) easy and relaxed. We filmed the on-ride Diamondback take first, then the Diamondback interview off ride, then we moved to The Beast and were filmed riding, then finished up with the off-ride Beast interview. Following that, Don was interviewed on the Tower discussing Banshee.

Here's a link to the segments in case you are interested in seeing them. There's 2 of them... one on DB and one on Beast. Please be kind... no nasty remarks. I'm no TV personality, I just love talking KI.


Quick question, I can't find the video on the link you sent me of the videos.

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