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Agreed. I wonder if we will ever see another wooden coaster built at Cedar Point. There have been a lot of new and innovative concepts to appear on wooden coasters in the last several seasons.

Believe it or not, Mean Streak is over 20 years old! It opened in 1991 and was designed by the then leading wood coaster designers of Summers and Dinn.

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The trims make it more painful?

Who knew?

Go to the Meanstreak threads on PBuzz for a good explination of this. Just read RideMan's posts... on anything really, he's brilliant.

Basically, without the trims the train has enough speed to interact with the track the way it was designed to. A good example is the first banked turn. Here's a simplified explanation. The train should be going fast enough that it is forced onto the outside track, basically holding it in place. The guide wheels stay in contact with the side of the track. At the lower speed it has now, it shuffles... basically going on and of that rail and shaking the train.

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Sadly if a guest does this they get a good ride..which ticks me off, but if it happens they usually get stapled anyways. If they take a camera on the ride, get stopped in the transfer track. It causes the computer to think a train is being transferred (empty train=no weight) so trims are turned off..

True story...but don't do it! No loose articles on rides :P

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