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Not sure really where to put this so here goes--- I am a little OCD so please bear with me---I am a 2013 platinum pass holder and am staying at a nearby hotel on Sat. night. Now being OCD I plan on leaving KI midday and checking into my hotel (and possibly taking a swim,I did this at CP in July without the hand stamp)With the haunt rule on no reentry after 7pm---does this apply to those with passes? Or will I have to definitely be back by 7pm. Or will I have to use my 1 free entry for renewing my pass to get in after 7pm ( I like the idea of starting part of my trip with a RAOK of giving my unneeded entry to someone so they can use that money elsewhere.) So I just need to know how to play this. Ahh the joys of an OCD mind.



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^ This year, 6:00pm is the cutoff for re-entry. You won't be able to get in after that point with a handstamp or with a pass that's already been scanned that day.

You won't get a free entry for renewing your pass; that is an offer only for new 2014 passes.

If you are not back before 6:00pm, you have three choices:

  1. Purchase an admission ticket
  2. Purchase a new (not renewed) 2014 gold or platinum season pass and use your one free admission. You'll have to return in the spring to process it.
  3. Not re-enter the park
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I like the idea of starting part of my trip with a RAOK of giving my unneeded entry to someone so they can use that money elsewhere.

The free entry on a new pass is tied to the pass (or voucher, if it's not processed). There's no separate ticket that you can give to someone else.

EDIT: meant to edit, not double post. Oops.

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And I used the same card, but with a new name, address and picture. Thanks to Kings Dominion's attempt to help and to the excellent, wonderful people in KI Admissions.

Thank heavens I renewed in person and at KI. Apparently had I actually filled my Steel Force yearning in the past month, things would have gotten really interesting really fast--as my 2013 Platinum Pass got stripped of ALL data when KD tried to change my Atlanta address to DC.

I wondered why Accesso would not let me renew online...and now we know why. My name was ---, my address was ---, and my e-mail was --- Discreet it was! :)

Terp, who apparently drives the proprietary Gatekeeper software at FUN batty, and then it tries to reciprocate.

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I purchased platinum for next year in hopes of finally making it up to CP. I'll have to get it processed in the spring. I'm also grateful that the pass sale was extended, as I didn't remember to purchase the pass until Monday morning.

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