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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.

Carowinds will be investing $50 million in the next three years!

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So does the average cowfield.

@mikefehnel on Twitter : "#FURY325 looks incredible at night, and there are more lights yet to install! @CarowindsPark" Photos : Michael Fehnel / Carowinds GM via Twitter "#FURY325 seems to

@CarowindsPark on Twitter : "Our new main entrance sign has arrived!" Photo : Carowinds via Twitter Actually, as this post is being typed, the sign pictured above is being installed! Check it out

I love how they all signed that piece!

It's a tradition in ironworking that certain milestone pieces are signed by everyone involved. They did the same thing to commemorate the completion of the gigantic lift hill. They also place certain items (in the U.S., typically an American flag and an evergreen tree) atop the structure. :)

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As mentioned above by silver2005, the station for Fury 325 and the new front entrance to Carowinds are definitely really coming along nicely!

Looks like work on the queue is coming along at a fast rate as well. Actually there are currently some men out working on the queue as this post is being typed!



Check out that progress on the new bridge sitting over the Fury 325 underground dive!

This front entrance area of the park is really starting to shape up!

(Live Still-Images captured from the Carowinds live video cams)

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I know it is really hard to get a true feel for the coaster just based on POVs but IMO this may be one of the best coasters on the planet when it is finally completed. The high/lows (Parts where you are really high then come all the way down to the ground) look fantastic. Just like Banshee I feel the sense of speed of this ride will be fantastic, especially before the turnaround. I am trying to pull back my expectations so I don't set myself up for disappointment but man this ride looks amazing.

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Cedar Fair certainly has been investing a LOT of money into Carowinds. I mean not only are they getting new front entrance buildings, they got a nice new parking toll plaza at the end of last season as well.

Maybe it helps that Cedar Fair has a satellite corporate office in Charlotte.

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Construction crews are moving at a very fast pace on the new front entrance area!


(Live Still-Image captured from the Carowinds New Gate Construction Cam)

@mikefehnel on Twitter :

"I wonder where these are going?"


(Photo : Michael Fehnel / Carowinds GM via Twitter)

"Here is a pic of the design element located under the bridge of #FURY325."



(Photos : Michael Fehnel / Carowinds GM via Twitter)

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The park has publicly stated that there is no direct relation between Fury 325 and the Charlotte Hornets basketball team. The hornet / honeycomb theme is, rather, indicative of the Charlotte area and that is where both team and ride get their identities.

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@CarowindsPark on Twitter :

"The #Fury325 sign should arrive soon, until then - consider these leaked pics an early V-Day present! #FuryFever"



Photos : Carowinds via Twitter

"The bridge of #Fury325 is coming together nicely. If you listen closely, u can already hear the screams! #FuryFever"


Photo : Carowinds via Twitter

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I like how both Gatekeeper and Fury interact with the front gate, just in very different ways. Also, carrying through the hexagon shape and colors throughout the ride experience is nice. That is a great touch that I'm looking forward to seeing in person.

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