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Carowinds will be investing $50 million in the next three years!

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Lightning strike twice... Remember when it hit Carowinds the first time? (I don't. Too young. :P)

And then there was 2009 - 2010 off-season when a really interesting White Lightning viral marketing campaign seemingly centered around Carowinds crescendoed with... ... ... ... Cedar Point's Shoot the Rapids??



It sort of SEEMS like White Lightning might've been the original working name for Carowind's Intimidator, which might've shifted when a deal with Earnhardt was finalized...

No doubt we're supposed to think that White Lightning is real this time.

EDIT: And if we've learned anything from American Horror Story: Coven, it's that the new twist is not having one. *shrug*

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At this point, i throwing out the name Centurion. Fury 325 seems to go along with the teasers they've been posting lately.

I agree, they haven't said anything about Rome for a week or so. They have even changed their countdown from the Roman ruins to something like a honeycomb of some sort. Anyways, the Carowinds PR has done a really good job hyping up this event. I would even put it on par with the hype surrounding the Banshee announcement last year.

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At this point, they're just playing games.

For a very long time (up until a week ago) the park teased with Roman columns and an ancient motif, pointing to Centurion. A centurion was the military leader of a Roman century. It's a perfect name for a ride with a Gatekeeper aesthetic. Centurion, to me, conjures images of a Wing Rider soaring over the park's entrance - maybe through ancient columns - like a protective gate.

The competing idea was for Fury 325. All we really know there is the park featured a haunted house at their Scarowinds event called "Fury," which was more or less about a chemical injected into test subjects to make super soldiers. That storyline fits the more recent "you can't contain it" viral outbreak messaging. To me, Fury 325 would probably be a neon green coaster of substantial height and speed.

Now, the bee-keepers and the quasi-honeycomb backsplash paired with the "containment" thing makes it seem like this could actually be Hornet themed. If so, hopefully it's done tastefully and not an obnoxious advertisement for the Charlotte Hornets. It's possible that it can be well-done, too... see Thorpe Park's The Swarm, which is a very cool Wing Rider that has incredible scenic interactions and is themed to a swarm of flying insect-type nanobots.

But c'mon. To go from Roman columns to bee-keepers? Either they have no idea either and are pulling together a last-minute deal with the sports team, or they're just messing with us.

EDIT: Oh man, and then there's White Lightning, which could be the real answer that they're just trying to throw us off of. SMART.

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"You can't stop it. You can only hope to contain it."

Screamscape is wondering on Twitter if the ride will be named to tie in to the Charlotte Hornets.

Oh man...

If that's true, I wouldn't be surprised since they essentially did the same thing with the Intimidator, which was the nickname of NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt.

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One thing that gives away that it's a diversion, to me is that the countdown, which is appropriately labeled with Roman numerals. VIII.XXI.MMXIV (8.21.2014) would be the day of announcement.

Problem is that, in theory, 8.21.2014 is the day that the name / site will be released.

So this supposedly accidentally-released web-page is counting down to its own release. You see what I mean? It will reach 0 right as its first seen by the public. That's nonsensical.


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