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Sunday Labor Day Weekend, Very Crowded

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We gave the parking attendant my Platinum pass, and he intern gave us a flyer about Dollar day, we than passed through and found our parking space. Pulled into the seventh slot in Invertigo.

We went and got our Platinum Passes renewed for next season, and went off to stand in line to get go through the turn styles. After 20 minutes of reading through the forums via the mobile site, they let us in 4 minutes early!!!


So we briskly walked towards the Massive B&M looming over Rivertown and Planet Snoopy. I got two lovely rides, full of airtime, and I don't care would any youthful hunk says it does give a lot of airtime, and maybe it is because I'm 12 and small but I defiantly get some ejector air when I hit the top of the 2nd, 3rd, hills, and so on.

So anyway after 2 epic rides on Diamondback we headed to The Beast, very fun, and quite intense, though the crew could have been a little more enthusiastic, maybe Don could've shown up and livened the place up a bit.

Afterwards, we went and quickly got a ride on Back Lot, nice in fun, you can really feel the heat in the front.

We then went to X-base, my favorite part of the park.


We got a nice ride on Firehawk.



The crew was doing very well, I was very impressed.


Well after that we went and rode The Racer real quick.


But then we need to head up to the drop off spot to pick up my Brother.

He wanted to do Woodstock and Surf Dog so we stood in the Longest lines of the for those two.

They were both very nice, and Jake put his hands up on them, he really enjoyed them.

Now that he had gotten warmed up we went and...

Got some $1 Blue Ice Cream, it was very nice on this hot day.

The $1 deal was a plus also.

We headed over to Adventure Express, he was reluctant because he thought the Monkey things at the end were frightening. But he faced his fear and enjoyed it quite a lot.

We than headed down to Flight Deck, but on the way I got some photos of the Banshee Construction.




Now it was time for Flightdeck.



After an awesome ride on the best Suspending Coaster in the world, we headed for the exit.

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Well I went for the morning because it just was getting that bad, so I would stick to your studying, and wait till tomorrow, I'll be again.

The parking lot is packed, we waited about 40-45 minutes for Woodstock, which was about 11:40 in the morning.

Trust me it is packed.

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We arrived at the parking entrance around 2:30-3 p.m. planning to head to Soak City. Seeing how full the parking lot was for KI, I pretty much decided it would be a waterpark day only. We found a not-too-far-from-the-entrance parking spot someone had vacated at Soak City and went in. It was very crowded, but I was interested in getting wet and getting some sun, so I wasn't too concerned. The food lines were ridiculous for $1 hot dogs and pizza. We went to Subway to get refills for our cups and since we weren't getting subs, it was quick. We found two chairs (later graduated to 2 lounge chairs around 5 p.m.). Spent some time in the tube/wave pool and did a round of the lazy river. Having snagged a lounge chair, I got out my magazine, positioned the chair to get some sun and listened to the Reds game go down-hill on my old-fashioned radio with ear buds. Other than less sun and more cloud time than I liked, it was a perfect day. We opted for chicken tenders and a burger rather than wait for pizza/hot dogs. We left around 7 p.m. Would be back tomorrow, but sadly, I work at a hospital and get to work tomorrow. I can handle big crowds at the waterpark, but have no patience for the lines in the heat for rides--save that for another day this fall.

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Great trip report fanofFirehawk! Am I correct in gathering you were there yesterday and today? My family and sister's friend were there both days as well... I can attest it was VERY crowded. I hadn't ever seen ERT as long as it was this morning. 2 rides on DB during ERT, with 3 queues in the queue house full...crazy.

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