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Before I RSVP for the bday dash could I please have my username repaired.

It should be Dieseltech20

Not seeing a lowercase i after the D drives me nuts. Wanting to avoid any possible confusion and be able to put the name in my email properly.

Thanks for your time, I know that running one of these sites can be quite a daunting task.

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Again you are welcome.

Thanks Coaster_Junky, Funny you mentioned that today as one of my teammates just sent a picture of me from that ride. We rode all the way around Lake Tahoe in early June on a Century Ride (100 miles) for a charity event.


This is Mile 89 as e just climbed up 8 miles on Spooner and I must say I was dead inside but knowing I just toped the last but biggest climb I was excited that I knew I was going to make it without needing to walk up mountain portions of the ride. I think you can see the slope behind me. At times it was steeper and other times less of a slope, but it was all up hill for 8 miles. The fun part is going down obviously, just wished it  took longer to go down.

My avatar picture is what motivated me to work so hard through the winter and spring so I would be able to climb the mountains as i wanted to earn that picture. We are at Emerald Bay at that moment in fact facing it with the mountain behind us. I must tell you as not being from the mountains before like that I felt so small in the universe. Here is a video of the ride I put together and at 2:46 you can see where we stopped to take that picture. I tell you agian I felt on top of the world and so small at the same time. One is never to old to discover new hobbies or to chase after a dream.


Thanks again for noticing but your comment and getting the above picture really brought back some memories. Have a great evening.

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