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1. The restraints were a slight issue, but the trains themselves and their self diagnostic checks led to many PLC resets and recoding it's first week=Downtime

2. Poor control panel meant small issues with capacity (see mantis, it's panel is a nightmare to operate)...or unlocking the wrong restraint/seat, and having to hold all this down while a ride is cycling and pay attention to the platform when you should be paying attention to the ride.=Safety issue/delayed dispatch not hitting interval/lower capacity

3. Friction brakes aren't necessarily bad, but will I prefer intamin going all magnetic brakes and drive wheels, oh of course, it's much smoother and much more preferred. Also dead stops with friction brakes suck, see Mantis on block stops or hard stops...nuts=nonexistent

Again read the post "not every manufacturer still has everything down."

Every manufacturer has errors...Not one company is above the other, they all have different business models, and they all go for different experiences for the common goal, a great ride...

End of story

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I like Vekoma, and I like Disney. I love Arrow, and I miss many coasters that do not exist anymore. Do I like Intamin? Well, I don't really care on who makes my coaster, in fact as long as you can give me a good coaster, I am set.

BB1 giggles at the posts by YoungStud, and others in this topic.

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Sure, technically it's not neccessarily who built it that makes a ride great but most of the time it IS the manufacturer that defines the ride. A ride built by Vekoma will most likely deliver an uncomfortable, unenjoyable ride experience. A B&M will most likely be low-maintenance, reliable, and comfortable. An Intamin will most likely be the most intense and fun out of any of them, but will have lots of downtime. An Arrow most likely will have awkward transitions, and a Premier will be...well...a Premier.

This is why I care which manufacturer builds a certain ride.

exactly why i think its great to have a variety of coaster manufactures in one park, each one gives a different experience it would be boring to have all b&m coasters.
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