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Haunt opening 2013


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My daughter and I got there at 6:05(still chewing my Jack in the Box burger) and we were both soaked by the time we reached the gate, even though we had our Disneyworld ponchos on.

6:15 -We went through Delta Delta Die(no line at all) - The only change from Massacre Mansion was paint and the addition of empty beer cans, to make it look like a college party. Since this is my favorite kind of haunt(traditional haunted house), I gave it a 7. Couple of good gags.

6:25 - Short walk to Board to Death in X-Base(old Mysteria) It may be worse than Mysteria, which I liked BTW. 4 on the Haunted House scale.

6:35 - Slaughterhouse no wait- Same old reliable Slaughterhouse. Fun, solid 8

6:45 - Festhouse for Graveyard Shift 7:00 show - New cast, first night. Should get better...

7:30 - Ed Alonzo - Way raunchier than regular season show, and a lot funnier. Some of the same gags, some new.

8:05 - CarnEvil 5 minute wait - Fun, no big changes I give it a 7.

Rain tapers off. No scareactors in Nightmare Alley

8:15 Holiday Horror no wait - good maze, miss the real Leprechaun they had in there.

8:30 - Madame Fatales 35 minute wait - Not worth it. Lots of detail, but no big scares. 4

9:10 - Heard Hot blooded was starting in 30 minutes over the PA. Beast was a walk on. I thought we could get a night ride in and walk through Backwoods Bayou and make it to the show. Train 2 car 3 middle seat, great ride. Left Beast and Backwoods is closed off. Why would they close down a scare zone? I realize we'll never make it if we have to walk all the way around, so we get some fries at Rivertown potatoworks. While we were eating I hear an announcement for Blood Drums at 10 in Action Zone. ???It's by the tower this year, lol

Blood Drums was one of our favorite shows last yer, so we made our way over there. No show, and Hot Blooded wasn't playing either. So the pa announcements must have been running on a loop, and they had last years on there to boot!

Oh well. It had started raining again so we were going to do Wolf Pack and Club Blood and call it a night.

Wolf Pack was lame as usual, but my daughter likes it so it was fine. Except for the part where she got her hair caught in the button of a flannel shirt hanging on a clothesline. It was kind of funny and she didn't lose much hair so it wasn't a total loss. But, we called it quits after that. Left at 10:30 The rain had picked up

6 mazes, 2 shows and 1 ride in 4 hours...not to shabby.

Hopefully it doesn't rain next Friday

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Not surprised at all. Just reporting that the shows were announced as if they were going on. And that if you plan on walking by the DB splashdown in the rain, don't.

Very interested to see Backwoods. If they close it off when not in operation, it must be heavily themed.

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The only change you noticed between Massacre Manor and Delta Delta Die was some paint and beer cans? If that's legitimately all that changed, then that's extremely disappointing. Your lack of interest in Board to Death is also a bummer - any specific reasons you didn't care for it? Saying it's worse than Mysteria is a pretty low blow, as Mysteria was a huge embarrassment for the park.

Sounds like a fun time though, despite the rain and misleading announcements. Thanks for the trip report!

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Went through Board to Death again last night and it was better.

One of the Things I hate is when you get lost in a maze where you're not supposed to.

That happened 3 times on Friday. A good maze will have you guessing where to go, but when an actor has to point to the exit and say "That way", it kind of ruins the effect. I don't know if they fixed it for Saturday, or if it was because we were in a conga line, lol.

It's better than Mysteria in terms of themeimg, but they have some bugs to work out.

I was able to experience Backwoods Bayou last night. Very nice scare zone. Lots of fog and hillbilly scareactors(And the Mad Hatter???).

It's one way starting at the Rivertown LaRosa's. Feels more like how Cornstalkers was when it was by Timberwolf, but with no wait.

Blood Drums is good. They only changed a couple songs from last year, and down to three drummers.

The bandstand location is better for them and the skull backdrop looks good.

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