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What is your seat of choice on Kings Island's coasters?


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Don't think I've ever seen a thread like this on KIC, of course I could always be wrong!

When you ride the coasters at the park, what seat or row is your "go to" row? I'll share a few of mine.

The Beast: first row, definitely at night. Can't see anything in front of you.

Diamondback: Rows 1 or 2, nothing in front of you but pure track. Makes the first drop that much better for me.

Vortex: 5-1 is a must, honorable mention 7-1. Amazing coming down the first drop

Flight Deck: The first drop and the ride altogether seems much more enjoyable in 7-1

Additionally, I had my first front row ride on The Racer last night. Racer's PTC trains have much less legroom in the front than The Beast's PTC trains.

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Diamondback - Back row

Beast - Any seat in the middle of a car

Racer - Same as Beast

Flight Deck - Front Row

Vortex - Park bench by WindSeeker

My favorite seat on Invertigo and Firehawk? The red Ford Focus parked out in Row 53.

Haven't had a ride on Diamondback in Row 10 or back in a couple of years. I'll have to try it again as I've heard it jackhammers real bad.

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Racer: Middle of a car. 1-3 if I remembered to pack Advil. The airtime is wonderful, but the pain is not...

Beast: Back car, middle seat or 1-1. At night, definitely the former over the latter.

Flight of Fear: back half of the train.

BLSC: Any row, right side.

Diamondback: Row 16, please

AE: Every seat is fantabulous, but front if I have to pick.

Vortex: I love each and every seat with a passion, but 1-1 or 5-1 are my favorites.

Firehawk: A seat on Flight of Fear

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Flight Deck--Front Row of cars 1 thru 3 left side

Racer--3rd car, middle row, left hand side

AE--First car, front row

FOF--Anywhere honestly



Beast--Red Train, Car One, second row, right side during normal whatever rides. Prefer very front or very last car middle row, right hand side

DB--Prefer very back right seat, but however due to recent roughness, I will prefer anywhere in the front that does not feel rough

I also see none of you listed Surf Dog ^^_

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Adventure Express- anywhere in the back half of the train (3-5 cars)

Backlot- Anywhere to be honest, forces hardly differentiate from front to back, the front is nice for night rides, which I find it HIGHLY underrated at night

Beast- 1-1 and 1-2 for sure depending if I want to wait on the front or not, I'm also finding the middle of the train very enjoyable, around the 3rd and 4th cars, even on wheel seats).

Diamondback- all of these on the outer right- the 1st car, the 3rd car, the 6th car, and the very back, honestly I find it good in any seat

Firehawk- outer seats, prefer the front

Flight Deck- first 3 cars

Flight of Fear- 4th and 5th cars

Invertigo- if I want intensity, I go for the seats that start closest to the lift, for easier rides, I go to the seats starting closest to the cobra roll

Racer- 1-1 or 1-2, no exceptions

Vortex- 1-1, 5-1, 6-1 or 7-1

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^^ your profile pic is smirking lol!

Invertigo: west f/b seat

Flight deck: front or back

Drop Tower: seat 11

Banshee: Table by ice scream zone

Congo: front (back If its cold)

Skyflyer: area 1

Delirium: seat 18

Slingshot: burrito shop

AE: front

Racer: front or back.

FOF: back (doesn't hurt coming out of blocks)

Firehawk: I don't care

WindSeeker: seat 46 or anywhere on the inner row.

Vortex: back right

Beast: seat with shortest que

DB: front or back

White water canyon: boat 7

Eiffel Tower: west

Rfylcb: boat 4

Faec: back

Woodstock express: front

Boo blasters: car 7

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Diamondback: Row 2 or 16

Racer: 1-1, 1-3, 5-1 are three highest preference, sitting on the left side (cargo pants have a zipper pocket on the right side of my leg, so if I sit on the right side, the upward connecting portion of the orange restraint smashes my pocket)

Vortex: 7-1

Beast: 6-2 or 6-1. 1-1 is good, but the extra wait is a deterrent.

Flight Deck - Front row

others - no preference

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Invertigo: Either end of the train

Congo Falls: Front and center

Drop Tower: Facing the Banshee construction site by day and the park by night

Xtreme Skyflyer: Doesn't matter

Flight Deck: Front row

Banshee: Probably front row, maybe back; will find out on media day

Delirium: Doesn't matter

Viking Fury: Back row, lake side

Slingshot: Bier Garten

Adventure Express: Back row

The Racer: Front row, 3-1, or 5-2

Monster: Doesn't matter

Scrambler: Doesn't matter

Dodgem: Car 35 or 9

Zephyr: Smaller seats

Flight of Fear: Front row

Firehawk: Doesn't matter

Vortex: 5-1 when I'm in the mood for it, park bench when I'm not

WindSeeker: Outside seat

Shake, Rattle, & Roll: Whichever arm starts spinning first, outside seat

Backlot Stunt Coaster: Front row

The Beast: Front or back row

Kings Island & Miami Valley Railroad: As close to the front as I can get

White Water Canyon: Doesn't matter

Diamondback: Back row

Race For Your Life, Charlie Brown: Front

Flying Ace Aerial Chase: Back row

Surf Dog: Back row, either side

Woodstock Express: Back row

Boo Blasters: Seat with a working gun

Eiffel Tower elevator: Next to a window

Grand Carousel: Horse that moves up and down

That should cover everything in the dry side of the park outside of Planet Snoopy and select rides in Planet Snoopy.

(edited to add three that I missed)

Edited by jcgoble3
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Here are my seats of choice for select KI coasters:

Invertigo- Front seat (back seat will work too!)

Adventure Express- Back car, 2nd row

Vortex- Used to enjoy sitting in the very back until I discovered the magic of 3-1 on KIC Day! :D

Diamondback- Lately, I've enjoyed sitting in the very last car (mostly second to last seat, sometimes the very back)

Other KI coasters I don't really have much of a specific preference, but I know I'll usually sit in a general area on some rides (llke somewhere near the front or middle on The Beast, more towards the front on Flight Deck, etc.)

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