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Fall Bring-A-Friend Days

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Gold and Platinum passholders can bring up to four (4) friends for only $21.99 per person every Sunday in October. Friends are welcome to join passholders for early rides on The Beast, Diamondback and select rides in Planet Snoopy starting at 10:30am. Simply present your season pass at the front gate admissions window to take advantage of this Gold and Platinum pass benefit.
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Brutal. I hope not many people end up taking advantage of this. The park yesterday was amazing! I understand the move is great from the business perspective of getting people in the park but from a personal standpoint yesterday was probably the BEST day I have ever had at KI.

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And this is why I don't let out which days I go just on my own....Once secrets get out or the park realizes a slump, both the GP and the park will correct that...

Man I miss some of the personal days I used to take in '10-'11....Tried that same trick this year at a few parks...no bueno

I think they figure that out by attendance numbers not some random enthusiast's trip report. Yesterday as well as most fall Sundays are almost barren. The park knows that and they will try to get as many people through the door as possible. That what a good business does, maximize their profits.

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The key is not to price it so low that the park is jam packed and not too high not enough people will take advantage of it. But to have a happy medium that works. Employees remember how overly crowded the park was when it was bring a friend FREE day. I remember Boomerang Bay was jammed on that day I worked the front gate.

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This is not the first time they have had bring a friend days in October on a Sunday. Yes they are trying to boost attendance, the park was dead, they even took trains off of coasters yesterday cause they were sending them empty....Haunt Fridays and Saturdays are the busiest times during this time of the year!

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