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Oldest Operating Ride at KI

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Well, I might end up with egg on my face for starting this thread but here goes. I thought

the answer was Tumble Bug-Wikipedia has a list of defunct KI rides and this site lists

Tumble Bug as the oldest ride to ever operate at KI-it operated at Coney from 1925-1971

and subsequently was moved to KI until it was removed. However the Wikipedia KI listing states Dodgem

to have operated at Coney from 1924-1971 until it was moved to KI. This seems contradictory

to the listing for Defunct rides unless the Tumberbug at KI and Coney was actually

manufactured before the Dodgems pre-1924-I have looked everywhere online however

and cannot find any information as to when Tumblebug was actually manufactured

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^ He did, via Twitter last week.

@KingsIslandPR: The Racer has now given more than 99 million rides since it debuted in 1972, the most in park history!

@Chris_PHS89: It's probably the oldest ride in the park..

@KingsIslandPR: The oldest ride in the park is the Grand Carousel which opened in 1926 at Cincinnati's Coney Island.

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Just confirmed from Don that Tumble Bug was oldest operating ride during its years at KI

as Dodgems aren't original ones that were at Coney-therefore correct answer indeed is

Tumble Bug. I feel vindicated. ( lol.)

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A. Read the Don post above yours.

B. The Carousel is now older than the Tumble Bug was when it was removed.

No matter how you look at it, the Carousel has operated at Kings Island at an older age than Tumble Bug ever did.

Since the Tumble Bug no longer exists, it no longer gets older. How old is Son of Beast? Really? It WAS 12 when it was removed. It isn't 13 now. How old is a house that burned down 20 years ago and was replaced? That old house doesn't get any older. Had the house been moved, like a ride from Coney to KI, sure...but once dismantled, age stops.

Had you asked what WAS the oldest ride ever to operate, your answer would arguably be correct. (but still could be arguably wrong) You didn't. You asked what IS the oldest. The Carousel has LASTED longer and IS the oldest. People and rides in cemeteries don't get older. They just gradually get forgotten. Most of them. Sadly.

Your title makes it even worse: Oldest Operating Ride At Kings Island. THAT is clearly the Grand Carousel.

Your question as worded would give linguists, lawyers, philosophers and Jeopardy judges both a field day and a headache. Telling Carousel answerers they are wrong is probably not right.

Linguist Terpy.

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