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The Bat flies again at Kings Island

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I agree with you on the Haunted House at Camden Park, Interpreter. It has a chain lift and even a first drop. After that, it meanders downhill gradually. The only difference I can think of is that it doesn't have what many would call traditional coaster cars, as it seats only two. Now that I think of it, there are several that have low capacity cars, so that's not really an argument either.

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That coaster opened as Demon. It later was renamed Screamin' Demon, then relocated to Camden Park as Thunderbolt Express.

Bumping an old thread here, but this is backwards: the ride opened as Screamin' Demon in 1977 and by the time it closed in 1987 it was referred to as just Demon. Here is a page from the 1978 brochure and here is one from 1987, both showing the ride's names. I believe the ride was renamed in 1982, but I think there may be cases of the park still calling it Screamin' Demon past that point.

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I like the current state of Camden, at least as far as the ownership goes. Hopefully, they will get some much needed TLC that it needs. I'd like to see them raze the bathrooms and get new ones. Those always seem to smell horrible. And some general painting could really help with the Big Dipper. And do something about the horrible smell that is in their water for the log flume and swan boats. Although, methinks that having fish in your swan boat water does not help that smell at all. I would love to take a lap on the log flume, but I don't want to deal with the smell afterwards.

And something, anything, needs to go where the spider was. A fence blocking the view of what once was is not attractive at all. Flats seem to be their forte', so put something else in its' place.

I give them great credit for adding the Rattler. Pretty thrilling ride and nice lighting package.

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