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The Bat flies again at Kings Island

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There's also a large number (41 I think?) painted on the cement below you as you return to the station at the end, which I'm pretty sure has something to do with military flight.

I am sure they (eventually) are going to do something with the remaining older theming, but just haven't gotten to it yet (weather was cold, then rainy most days). When I saw how much the ride had seemed abandoned by park and fans alike when I went a couple years ago, I actually would have predicted removal rather than revamp. I'm happy to have been wrong, and I really don't believe they'd have put this much money and work into it then say "screw it" about the things easily fixed by new paint. The length of the hike back there is ripe with possibilities, especially for the fall. I haven't actually ever been to a Haunt at KI yet (they didn't have them yet or I would have been all over it as a teen) so I can't really speculate beyond imagining what I would do if it was up to me, but a spooky long walk into the woods seems to me to be an exciting possibility to play with.

I think over time KI will fix this.

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Mr. Nickle :) retired Jan 2, 2012, Ouimet started that year. Disaster Transport/Space Spiral were in place to be removed before Ouimet started I'm fairly sure.

I'm pretty positive we didn't get the whole story for WildCat and Paddlewheel was removed in 2011. All I'm 99% positive were in plans with Mr. Nickle.

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Yes it is. They are much darker than they were before. It was very easy to see this as the supports were painted.

Although accurate to what was promised and described, and definitely darker.. I wouldn't say "much" :P

Near black would be a "much". In my opinion, of course :)

WildCat's numerous brake failures near the end of its lifespan might have likely contributed to its removal. It was also 42 years old when it was removed, which is senior-citizen-age for steel coasters.

Wasn't aware of its brake failures.. however.. I rode near its last season and it was a very smooth and enjoyable ride. So I was sad to see it go!

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