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KI Photo Chain Game: 2013 edition


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Last season, TOPGUN1993 started a photo chain game. This ended up being a very popular offseason game, so I'm going to copy over his rules (with a few modifications that I felt would be acceptable) and start the game back up for this offseason. It'll help us kill time until we're all riding our new Flying Purple People Eater :P


The post above yours will have three choices of locations in the park one "easy," one more specific "hard," and an extremely specific "expert." Feel free to use unanswered challenges as your own challenges!

If no one responds for over 2 days or so feel free to skip the photo and move on.

Use your personal photos you've taken. No searching the net for photos.

Keep photo locations CURRENT (Not necessarily previous season, but use common sense)

Try to compress your pictures at least a little if you can, for bandwidth sake. Most image hosting sites will take care of this for you.


Your goal is to answer the Expert levels before the Easy levels

Easy: (A basic simple practical location in the park)

Hard: (A more specific practical location in the park)

Expert: (Very specific practical location in the park)

I'll start things off with a challenge rather than a picture.

Easy: A picture taken in Action Zone

Hard: The Graveyard set up in Action Zone to coincide with the Banshee announcement

Expert: A park-approved picture from a normally off-limits location (should be easier than in years past for many of you ;) )

Once any of the challenges have been answered, you must respond to the new challenges placed by the previous poster. Feel free to reuse an unanswered idea, though.

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I'm going to use Malem's challenges since he responded first. But, that is a nice picture CP&LERR Fan. I added some clarification to the rules post, in case there was any confusion.


I promise, the ride vehicle is there :P

Easy: A photo with a coaster train on the lift hill

Hard: A photo with two coaster trains on their lift hills

Expert: A photo with three coaster trains on their lift hills.

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Note: Sling Shot's "ball" is in the lowermost part of this image.

Easy: a trash can

Hard: Royal Fountains from the top of the Eiffel Tower

Expert: a pic of WindSeeker taken from in its queue line (the part where you wait after being assigned a seat)

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