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Your Favorite Kings Island Element


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As mentioned by McSalsa, I must also say that my favorite ride element at Kings Island is The Beast's final helix through the tunnel. There has never been an element of a roller coaster that has thrilled me more than the final helix of The Beast, there's just something about it that I have always loved.

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I can't really narrow down a single element, so I'll give a list...

Backlot- the series of s-curves after the helix

Beast- the helix for sure, but an element I like better is those series of drops after the 2nd tunnel before rising up to the 2nd lift

Firehawk- the overbanked turn, the loop, the double roll, and the helix

Bat - that 2nd hill over the station

Flight of Fear- the launch and the final corkscrew, especially how the 2nd half builds up to it

Son of Beast- first drop, the loop and the top of the 2nd hill (with the original trains)

Vortex- each of the inversion has something special to me- the loops have nice positive g's and are simple, the corkscrews have nice hang time, and the batwing is just awesomely placed, that 2nd hill also has a nice jolt of air in the front seat, the first drop is great in the back

King Cobra- the loop and the helix which felt nearly horizontal with the banking

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Those two turns into the "staircase" bit on Backlot Stunt Coaster. Also the "underground" portion.

Beast's double helix.

Firehawk's loop.

The turn over the pre-lift portion of Adventure Express.

The Bat's brake run, when seated in the front car.

Flight of Fear's cobra roll, especially when seated in the last car.

The more time that goes by, the more I kinda-sorta miss Son of Beast's pre-lift portion. It was nothing special, but it was always a little unnerving to new-to-roller-coasters me how that first drop/turn out of the station was WAY over banked. (Not that I think it was unintentional or something; you would just practically lay on your side going through that turn.) I don't know if I would feel similarly now that I've been on rides like Voyage or Ravine Flyer II; I just know I haven't experienced that kind of hang time on a wooden coaster since.

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