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Bat Construction


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Banshee seems to be getting a bit too much of the attention, so I made a thread about The Bat's construction updates.

As of right now it looks like we already have about 1/4 of the lift in black!


Photo from the Webcam, courtesy of Kings Island, I do not own the photo nor have any claim to this photo.

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I've looked at the webcams during different times of the day today (to make sure it wasn't just the lighting) and it looks to me that they have painted the lift hill and first drop supports of The Bat to the new charcoal color....


I know that it is hard to see but earlier in the day it was more clear.

Are you able to confirm this Don?

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Maybe they were using the same ladders they did when they painted Vortex and they had to stop working when the ladders started sinking?

That's why so little of it is painted.

The curse of the original Bat continues - only at King's Island - experience it Spring 2014 (next to Banshee)

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