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You Know It's the Off Season When...

Ride On_17

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I'll tell ya, it was really impressive to watch. I did some research after the performance and the man that created the original would record himself playing each piece and then layered it for the record. There were points where they were moving mics, guitars, cymbals, sliding across the stage...to see it being performed was like a behind the scenes moment.

And... some of us old farts actually have that record on (yep, I said it...) vinyl!

Some of us "young farts" do too ;)

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When your height adjustable high rise chairs in English remind you of Drop Towers, so you entertain yourself during class by pulling the lever to fall, and repeating this over and over again until the people sitting next to you look at you with strange looks (although they probably knew what I was doing). :lol:

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My Dorney Park Platinum Pass lives with my Six Flags New England Gold Pass and my SeaWorld Orlando Platinum Pass in my wallet. My last day of an old, old, old Disneyland Park Hopper pass lives in the back of my checkbook.

And my cash? I live in DC. Cash is not carried in the wallet. Hasn't been a couple of years now.

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...I'm searching eBay daily for KI souveniers.

I just bought a pair of Kings Island yearbooks. I have no idea exactly what they are yet, but the single picture looks like they're like high school yearbooks, only presumably for the park employees. Do they still do these every year? Anyone who worked there before have any info?

I guess I'll find out more soon enough when they get here :)

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