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You Know It's the Off Season When...

Ride On_17

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On a related note...


You know it's the Off-Season when* the front of your car starts to resemble the front of a boat on Congo Falls due to the snow accumulation


*Only valid this year and all non-Winterfest years :P


Also, when you make plans about what to ride Opening Day and are even thinking about what slide you want to ride first once Soak City opens!

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I went through my closet to fold and put away my coaster and theme park t-shirts, so I could hang up winter things instead. I have at least 32 t-shirts (I /think/ only two are already folded up and put away with my Halloween stuff), and three tank tops. Which may not sound like a lot unless you realize nearly all of them were acquired starting in 2014. They also were almost all bought off the $5 rack at Coney Confections, or I got them free. It made me feel good seeing them all and thinking about when I'll be wearing them again and buying more. :)

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When you're watching numerous Kings Island trip vlogs on YouTube to make the (currently) four month wait seem shorter than it really is.


Also when you're planning how to save $ towards eventually adding All-Season FunPix and an All-Season Dining Plan to your pass once the park opens.

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You know it's the offseason when you reminisce on past theme park trips and start to prepare for next year's adventures. Specifically, I watched a Great Bear video the other day and thought about how great the coaster was :) Also, I got my (now) annual coaster shirt (+ a hoodie because Winterfest) for Christmas and I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone at Frisch's on Opening Day.

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You know it's the offseason when you begin your Countdown to Opening Day on Twitter! :) I was originally gonna start when we had 45 days to go (in honor of the 45th anniversary), but I decided to start now as a certain song comes to mind (and on the airwaves) when at the park.


If you'd like to follow along, I'm @MDMC01


Side-Note: Apparently you can tag people in posts now. Cool! B)

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