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You Know It's the Off Season When...

Ride On_17

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Popsicle is a registered trademark of the Unilever Group of Companies. As such, it is always capitalized.


Apparently, the company is very worried about losing its trademark to genericization. This is one of the more detailed advisories/warnings I have seen. I have never heard anyone refer to Popsycle type confections as "pops." I suspect this is not the wisest of Unilever decisions.

Protect the mark or watch the courts Wisk it away, with the Sun.

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You have long exciting discussions with friends about Doctor Who.


Sorry, BB1, who is a Doctor Who enthusiast, who will speak of this subject all day if applicable, right now I am discussing this magical dust that has just occurred.

Also, please abide by the TOS, which states not to make a "one word post" applicable to this, as a "one word" by the gif, please add some sort of diction with some sort of syntax to this statement.

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Not to mention a picture paints more than a thousand words.

I've been here a very long time, both on KIC and on this earth. Never have I heard an image here must be accompanied by words. What Nick_Plummer did was brilliant. Each user can in his or her own mind paint their own words. To require the user to add words to a meme or image is ridiculous. It would actually restrict thought and discussion rather than add to it.

Besides, were that the requirement, which it is not, virtually the entire Random Photos thread would be in violation. It isn't.

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They say not to lie to young'uns about the experiences of Roller Coasters in case they develop a phobia from it, but I will admit to having done that one time, with regards to the Indiana Jones/Adventure Express "coincidence".

In order to entice my then seven-year-old nephew to ride Adventure Express, I told him it was an Indiana Jones ride (Raiders of the Lost Ark is his favorite movie). The queue music and the skeleton in a fedora just before the first lift hill aided me greatly in my deception. And he rode it and loved it. Still can't quite get him on Racer, but he's now ridden Backlot, Woodstock Express, and Adventure Express, as well as both coasters at Stricker's Grove. I'm hoping that this season I can convince him that Racer is only a little bit scarier than Tornado.

Of course, in the eyes of a child, perhaps the difference is much bigger than it seems to an enthusiast. Admittedly, 55 feet to 88 feet is quite a leap in height.

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