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You Know It's the Off Season When...

Ride On_17

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You hear a bus on the way back from class and the noise you immediately think of is the release of pressure on The Bat's brakerun. That PSSHHHH sound :)

Now that I think about it, could someone actually refresh me on what makes that noise? I think I have a solid idea but I don't want to assume I'm right...

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You take a Sat. off from work so you can prepare for the coaster season.

My (partial)checklist:

1. Burner flip phone that fits easily in my front pocket---For park emergency use only.---Keep the "good" phone in the car.

2. Book 2 nights at a nearby hotel.

3. Oil change in the car.

4. Clear safety glasses with a strap to keep them from flying off during a ride.

5. Pack for varying weather conditions. (it is mid April in the Midwest)

6. $.97 rain poncho's (fit nicely in back pocket)

7. A couple Ziplock baggies for your stuff that you don't want to get wet if weather hits or for water rides later in the season.

8. Clean out all the junk from wallet.



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I like clear safety glasses because you can keep your eyes wide open and not squint because of the air hitting you in the face ay 50+ MPH (just like a lot of people wear sun glasses on rides) but at night you don't need tinted lenses.

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AND, since the Offseason is back among us, time to revive this thread.

Today at work, I got some of my code back from the QA department that was ready for release. They sent me the ticket with the comment "All clear". Naturally, my follow-up comment when I sent it back to inform them that it had been merged into our release candidate was: "That all clear means this code is out of here, so sit upright and hold on tight because this changelist will be released tonight!"

And no, I won't get in trouble for that. Our ticket tracking system is purely internal, so we will often try to inject humor into our notes. One of the things I like about my job, they don't expect us to be proper and professional all the time as long as we project a professional attitude to the customers and release stable, high quality software, the higher-ups are good with that.

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