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2O15 revealed itself shortly thereafter, with Six Flags throwing multiple ride buying for a loop.

Vortex? Stay tuned.

Same Bat time.

Same Bat channel.

And, sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar. Others, not so much.

I really just think you like confusing us. It really doesn't take much for me :ph34r:

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I'm just intrigued none are ready to jump out on any limbs, including myself. But for the sake of discussion, I will say I hope it's just something as simple as improved theming*. A "Bat Cave" under and around station would be awesome.

And I would pray it's not the trains, very short ride, the simple restraint check they have keeps it's capacity up.

Removal, I also pray, is not the point.

A diversion, this I find most likely, though that begs the question, why?

Maybe those attending the Holiday Meetup, will shed some light?

* Upon review, this is not really simple. But you get my meaning, I hope.

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I have a theory about all of this:

Part 1: The Bat part of it is a diversion. The Bat just got updated for 2014; I'd be surprised to see something else (besides removal) happen to it anytime within the next few seasons. (Then again, I also thought Mantis getting floorless trains was highly improbable, so...)

Part 2: Vortex is either the main point of all of this, or it's another diversion. The mention of Thunder Road, The Bat, and everything old becoming new again would lead me to think that Vortex is going to receive a refurbishment or other project of some sort. Specifically based on the mention of Thunder Road, which recently received an entire rebuild courtesy Great Coasters International, I'm speculating that Vortex will either

2a. Be refurbished á la Phantom's Revenge to improve transitions or even completely rebuild the ride after the first drop, or

2b. Be removed completely and replaced by a Chance Rides coaster.

By the by, I know nothing, so don't take this as gospel. (Especially not you, Lance Hart, if you're reading this!) I think I'm almost certainly wrong about this; it's just fun to guess. I've literally never been correct when it comes to Terp's hints.

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Get use to it man. This seems to happen all the time nowadays. You aren't missing anything, because what we are supposed to find, or be diverted away from, isn't easy to spot. Unless it is. Who knows? Someone does, but it sure isn't me!

Just roll with it and enjoy the ride! It is more fun that way!

Well, that cleared that up :lol: . I'm with ya on the sure isn't me part.

Where's Adam West when you need him.

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In Chicago. With the industry's original Batman.

Terp, who misses Robin at NJFTP nearly as much as he does Rolling Thunder. Or GASM. Sigh. As you get older, old friends move on, pass away or fade away. Such is life...

Well, that was.........depressing.

Sad, but true

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