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Glencoe Algebra 1 book

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So, my brother has algebra this year, and he brought home his algebra book. When I first saw it I thought it was Vortex, but then I noticed there wasn't supports on both sides (which I found odd because I didn't think there was a full loop with just one side with a support). I turned the book over and the loop was on the back too, but with no supports. So it's possible that it is Vortex. What do you guys think? and if it isn't Vortex, which coaster do you think it is?





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I'm thinking it's (the first picture of the non-inverted coaster) either Vortex or Anaconda at Kings Dominion because of this picture: http://rcdb.com/92.htm#

EDIT: Just realized my link just takes you the Anaconda's page and not the picture. The picture I'm referring to is the 2nd picture (a whole view of the ride when it had an older paint scheme)

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Definitely seems to resemble Demon more than Vortex. Vortex's orange stripe is more in the middle of the train, whereas Demon's orange-ish/red-ish(?) stripe is more towards the top of the train, similar to the train on the book cover shown above.

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[Pre-Algebra book cover picture]

-This is what my brother's Pre-Algebra book looks like. I believe it's Hershey Park's Great Bear.

image from: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/glencoe-pre-algebra-il-student-edition-mcgraw-hill-staff/1015909953?ean=9780078693595

Actually, Great Bear's wheel covers are pink and black. See here.

Based on the track and train color schemes, it would likely be Batman: The Ride at Six Flags over Georgia.

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Seems like it could be because of the audience. If you're going to put a picture of something math-related on the cover, roller coasters are a lot more appealing than graphs or functions.

If I remember right, my high school math books had pictures of buildings on them. My college Statics/Dynamics textbook had a picture of the Falkirk Wheel.

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As probably the most known and vocal questioner of the capitalization of trademarks on here, even I recognize the concern that Adobe would have with regards to Photoshop, it's probably close to being genericized a la aspirin, thermos, yo-yo, etc. and I doubt that they're fine with that.

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I'm so old my grad school books had NO pictures. Not even line drawings. Then again, The Wall Street Journal had no pictures either, The New York Times had no comics, our television was black and white, and our radios had two CONELRAD triangles each.

That must have been back when the Internet only had one w.

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