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Glencoe Algebra 1 book

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Ha ha. There was an early experimental version. As a fifth grader, I used it at Morehead State College. Yes, that's what it was called.

Wait you went to what is now Morehead State University?
As a fifth grader, yes. And no, I wasn't what was commonly called a Breck student (Breckinridge Training School was their prep school used by teachers in training as a laboratory. It closed in 1982).

I had competed for an opportunity to "operate advanced tabulating and computational devices" at Morehead State. I believe we got to do so once a month for four months. It was during these sessions that I cemented my desire to enter into my graduate field, as I quickly realized that however much educational testing indicated that my abilities were clustered around math and science, it was around analysis, rhetoric, writing, mediating, debate and causing change where my desire was centered. I credit those four days at Morehead State for helping me see where I fit in the world of work, and, more importantly, where I did not.

While I was in grad school, I often studied at the med school--it was quiet and the students never asked me about my assignments nor distracted me with offers to go out for a drink, etc. There, it also became clear to me that though I may study at the med school, my heart was and is on another side of the campus of life.

My mother is a Morehead State alum also. Class of '75 I believe.

As awesome as that may be, and it is, I See Blue!

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Roller coasters are awesome, it is pretty much a proven fact.

Algebra is not awesome; now find X.

It was at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

Next question?

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Back to the actual topic, my statics/dynamics book had Viper at Six Flags Magic Mountain on the cover. I remember one of my textbooks had a picture of Deno's Wonder Wheel in one of the chapters. I think it was college algebra. And for some reason, my calc 1 professor was always comparing derivatives to The Beast.

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Good old Breckinridge Hall, practically lived there in my old EMB days, to have them of course re-build the whole thing after I left.

The campus never looked the same after the 95 Tornado all those beautiful trees gone.

I was just helping my kids with Algebra, they think they will never use it. But I thought the same when I just had a fancy graphing calculator.

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