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Have you ever wondered how much change is in the water rides at Kings Island?


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One thing I have wondered...how many topics are you going to start? I may be out of line here, and please correct me if so, but is there any way that you could be a little more judicious on the amount of topics you are starting, and the content of said topics?

Thank you in advance.

We welcome new members with open arms, but, keep in mind, there is a decorum that we choose to follow, and, blowing up the board with eleventy billion silly new threads is one way to have us lose that lovin' feelin'.

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Back when I used to work customer service, we used to have a group of people who went around to various fountains around the city, collected the coins, used Coin Star to turn it into large bills, and then they donated the money to charity. I don't think I ever saw their total under $500.

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Have you ever stopped to think how much change is in The Race For Your Life Charlie Brown Ride ( Log Ride), White Water Canyon, and Congo Falls, in the water all together? Also which ride do you think the most change is in?

Right now? Probably none. They would have most likely emptied the change out of the ponds when they were drained at the end of the season.

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