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Something is up with the infamous Action Zone Circle


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I think whatever they are putting in there, will be a big visual improvement over how Action Zone has looked the past few years. They pretty much had a blank slate to work with. Cedar Fair has been doing wonderful jobs of refreshing entire areas of the park with new infrastructure when they make big installs. I am sure that the improvements in Action Zone, based on the images we have seen so far, will be no different. I am really excited to see all of the changes in person once the park opens. And of course to ride Banshee!

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So I just had an interesting thought... It looks like there are 7 footers... What if.. What if each footer was for a post, and each post had a cool sign with an arrow that points in the direction of each of the 7 AZ rides... It would be cool if they were creepy looking signs with the rides logos on them.

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Well, that was a lot of off topic posts above. Lets actually try to decode this and get back on topic eh?

From what you can see in the photo it looks like their are 7 footers, but the image is cut off so we could be missing 1 or 2. You could also make the same case that one could be behind the digger, or whatever the technical term for that piece of equipment is. We clearly have something going into that circle, it is no longer just pavers. They did say it would be an unbelievable night experience so my first initial thought would be that those are footers for lighting for said night experience. but that seems like an awful lot of footers in one area for a light experience. This is a very interesting photo, indeed.

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