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Happy Valley in China to Get B&M's First "Family" Inverted Coaster

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That's awesome that B&M is doing this! Could we see a Cedar Fair park soon be getting a B&M family coaster of some type? As we all know, there are some CF parks (cough cough Cedar Point) that are in need of new family coasters and rides. With the company's decision of B&M for many of their recent additions, I wouldn't be surprised if some parks start getting family B&M coasters.

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Still regular track for a family coaster..I mean GK is considered to be a family coaster by leadership there...maybe in the same realm

The track seems like it is a smaller gauge than normal.

Apparently it is going to have 2 seats per row with Banshee like restraints, minus the vest part.

I made this using paint.


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That's pretty cool! Seemed like the junior invert was really kind of a passing phase since Vekoma has a few installations in various parks, including KI. Its nice to see another company take the initiative to bring back the idea for families and to bring something to smaller parks who otherwise wouldn't have the space for a full fledged invert ( I'd also say funds, but yeah...I can imagine these aren't exactly cheap! )

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