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Koch Family Have Purchased Alabama's Splash Adventure

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(...those who have read the Indiana court decision would: ( a ) question that, and ( b ) hope he isn't doing things as the Court found he did at Holiday World after his brother's passing--things which are why he now owns 40 percent of that park and not all of it...

Terp, who is still stunned...)

There are those of us who DID read the Indiana court decision who think Dan loves Alabama Splash Adventure the same way he loved Holiday World, if you catch my drift.

You guys are both exactly right. As much as Dan seems to be energetic and all for the expansion of ASA, I feel like he comes off more like a used car salesman. I have a hard time trusting anything this man says especially after the ruling from the Indiana courts... He just doesn't seem genuine. I mean not only did he commit those offenses against his own family but he committed those offenses against his own brother's kids after they had to suffer through the tragic death of their father. I still can't get over that.

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Wow that is brutal. This is a very good offer from ASA. I sort of hope this may be the beginning of some sort of reconciliation. I say that because maybe if a couple of people bring this to HW's attention (HW may or may not be aware of this offer since they just announced it) they may feel some sort of internal pressure to open their doors as well. I hope it does. I honestly hate that this whole situation has happened.

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Maybe its just perspective but my personal reaction was that it was more of a slight jab at HW then an attempt at reconciliation.

I thought that was a possibility as well. Especially since the first comment was about ASA employees receiving the same deal at HW. Also the response from ASA was really quick. But I really hope that isn't the case. And if they were taking a jab instead of being serious about a possible reunion then that shows what type of people ASA managers truly are. Its not a very good or professional look. Especially when there hasn't been anything said about ASA or their employees publicly from HW.
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I will tell you, I had a conversation on Monday evening with Mr. Dan Koch about the industry in general. Had a great chat. We did speak about ASA and how it's has been a huge undertaking so far. He told me I had to visit sometime soon, in regards to that, I told him up until he and Pat bought the park, I had no idea it was there. Dan commented to the fact that it was the most neglected and worst reputation park. He is excited for it's future, no he didn't tell me any plans for the future! Lol. He also talked about how much he loves Holiday World, that it was a miracle park. The only thing else he said about the park was the when he lost control of the park he wanted to continue working in the industry.

Whether or not you believe Dan is a good man, after talking with him several times over the past few years, I really don't believe the replies to the question if ASA employees would get the same deal at HW, were ill intended. And I know for a fact, that The General (Pat) would not approve of those kinds of posts...because, she too has a Facebook and most likely would have seen his post on his own Personal Facebook and ASA Page. She is too classy to allow for digs.

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Well, CoasterForce has posted some neat videos regarding this park, so I figured I'd share some links to them.

You remember how they had 60FPS videos of Holiday World's coasters? Well, Alabama's Splash Adventure can play that game too. Here is some 60FPS Rampage:


And here is an interview with Dan Koch, mostly about the restoration and re-opening of this once SBNO wooden coaster (there is a slight blurb about the HW fiasco but not too much on that). He also talks about how they re-opened and revitalized the park and stuff:


There's also some ridercam and 3D versions of these videos on their page. Also a quick comment on Rampage re-opening: while I haven't ridden said coaster, I am very happy to see that in a day and age when wooden coasters are being torn down or RMC'd at many major parks, at least one was able to rise from the ashes- and not as some RMC steel coaster- and return to operation.

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I only wish it was--as in the past.

It IS a messy situation. NOW.

The woman who worked hardest to make Holiday World what it is today is in Alabama...not at the park she loved.

She's lost two sons, a park family, and her family is split asunder.

As for Dan, the Indiana court decisions will tell you the kind of man he is.

And Pat's working...with him.




I will never set foot in the Indiana park again unless and until it changes hands.

So sad.

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