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What Tasty Treat Are YOU Ready To Eat on Your First Visit Back To KI 2014?


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Call me crazy or a boring eater, but i'm most excited for a pretzel from their! I love pretzels, especially at theme parks! Let's not forget the little cup of cheese you can get with them! YUM!

Disclaimer: when getting a pretzel from the actual little pretzel shop and not a push cart with some hanging up that are usually only good as bricks.

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German potato salad from the bier garten.

Not this year. Mega Nachos, Metts or boneless wings.

Much sadness, as my body can no longer deal with dairy the German potato salad was one of the few things I could have. Dairy finds its way into everything else that Cedar Fair makes.

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^What is Banshee Brew? Is it comparable to Butter Beer?

Banshee Brew is a mix of blue ice cream (maybe purple as well but I'm not sure) and Barq's Red Cream Soda. I had one on opening day. I think it costs like $5.50. But it's definitely worth it!

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Graeter's hands down! I wish Kings Island had better Corn Dogs. Had one last year and I had to give it two thumbs down.

We ordered a corn dog for my son at Snoopy Grill on Sunday, and it was burnt. When we complained about it, we were told that they had to burn the corn dogs to reach a required minimum internal temperature. I'm no Alton Brown, but something seems wrong with that.

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